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File: DecUI02-27-13
skada and fonts
Posted By: Xombiefied
i can not figure out why after i log out or exit the game skada resets the position (and also only sticks itself to the right side of my screen) and my font sizes keep resting back to size 12. anyone have any clue as to why this might happen?
File: DecUI02-21-13
missing something
Posted By: Xombiefied
ok i have looked and i clearly must be getting old and missing something but i cant see a setting to show the buffs by the target frame for friendly players. eg like mounts etc. is there a way to enable this somehow?
File: DecUI09-03-12
auto accept quests
Posted By: Xombiefied
OK i am sorry i have been trying to find what ever add on or option that is enabled to auto accept quests. and i simply can not find it, but its not unlike me to overlook something simple. Is there something or some way I can disable the auto accept quest? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. PS love the addon
File: DecUI09-02-12
PC targeted nameplate
Posted By: Xombiefied
i noticed that when you target a player and you use the drop down menu (like to invite or whisper or trade) that the report option in that menu is missing. is there any plan to add this back?
File: DecUI08-30-12
Right Side text box
Posted By: Xombiefied
I love your Ui comp, the only thing bugging the heck out of me is how the text in the right hand frame side is docked/anchored to the right. i have tried everything i can think of and maybe i am missing something but is there a way to dock/anchor it to the left side of the text box?