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File: BattlePetCount11-27-12
New version for patch 5.1 doesn't seem to work
Posted By: Shad0wman
It seems to have wiped some data as I can only get what I've caught on the minimap and not5 on tooltip or pet battle interface tooltip. I've checked interference w other pet battle addons but I cant seem to find the culprit other than this addon. Please check this out or fix as I realy like this simeple addon
File: Altoholic10-05-12
Bugs, Altotooltip, newer version bugged for me
Posted By: Shad0wman
I seem to be getting an AltoTooltip error on recipes when I open a Merchant. The tooltip gets stuck in upper top left and stays there until I go to a merchant without any recipes. I was trying to find out what the frame was by using MoveAnything and the parent frame tooltip info said it was an AltoTooltip. Not sure if this is an...