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File: Dominos Beta07-06-16
I'm sorry to bother you, Tuller, bu...
Posted By: Hofflerand
I'm sorry to bother you, Tuller, but will the honor bar (PvP bar which is active in battlegrounds) be added to Dominos Progress? Currently I can't move, resize, or hide it.
File: Dominos Beta06-24-16
Honor bar
Posted By: Hofflerand
I see we can show / hide the XP bar, artifact bar, and rep bar. How about the honor bar? http://imgur.com/dMWhRm3 It's pretty annoying, gets plopped right over where I place some of my abilities.
File: Dominos Beta06-23-16
Strange bug
Posted By: Hofflerand
I'm setting up my interface on the PTR. Currently it looks something like this: http://imgur.com/z0LJB3k But if I drag my bars out, I see this. Dominos copies bar 1's first ability in every slot: http://imgur.com/sc9rx4w For some reason pressing shift clears everything up: http://imgur.com/fDj44cX I have to do this each t...
File: Target Nameplate Indicator08-24-12
I'm pushing my luck, but is there a...
Posted By: Hofflerand
I'm pushing my luck, but is there any way the author can make this add-on work without active nameplates? I hate nameplates, but I lose track of my target when I use MSBT and don't have the default over-the-head combat text to guide me! Or if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd much appreciate it. I'm trying to set up...