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File: DecUI12-12-12
Tooltip on Actionbars
Posted By: Jamesreeselord
Hey, love the UI but have an issue and after scouring the forum for about 1/2 hour I did not see an answer...I do not want my tool tips to be on my anchor when I hover over an action button on my bars. I figured out how to relocate the other tooltips to a set location and I figured the action bar tips would follow suit but they do n...
File: Letui V209-03-12
Cant get the game loaded with this ui
Posted By: Jamesreeselord
As the post title suggests, I cant load the ui. What happens is, I follow all the download instructions, I replace the WTF names for account, realm, characters, etc...then I try to log in but it will not let me saying something about how it appears that I have no account associated with this login or that I am logging in from a diff...