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File: QuestGuru11-12-14
QG show / hide
Posted By: Reaper666735
Is it me? I'm not able to minimalize the quests anymore. I have several quests spread over different lands and I would like to minimalize the ones I'm not doing atm but that doesn't seem possibile. Also, the text in the questlog seems to be white and very hard to read, not sure if that's another addon causing this. i already com...
File: QuestGuru11-11-14
Small Bug
Posted By: Reaper666735
Hello , Keep up the good work on QG :) , hopefully the tracker will be done soon ^^ ( hopefully when WoD releases lol :p ) just a small bug i noticed , you can't collapse / show quests anymore since the latest Release version , nothing major but just thought i would report it :) ty.
File: LightHeaded11-07-14
Log window
Posted By: Reaper666735
Hello , i'm hoping the addon is still being worked on ? , because having to use /show command all chars all the time is not very handy :p , and ofc some compatibly for the default Questlog as for other 3rd party one's that are based on the older pre-WoD one ( like Questguru or LegacyQuest ....... ) :)
File: LightHeaded10-18-14
Lightheaded + Legacyquest
Posted By: Reaper666735
Hello , so after adding legacyquest ( thank god for that addon author ! lol ) , the old "nil" error did not come , instead i got this one because of the combination : 1x LightHeaded\LightHeaded-372.lua:63: hooksecurefunc(): WatchFrameLinkButtonTemplate_OnClick is not a function LightHeaded\Dongle.lua:1316: in functi...
File: LightHeaded10-15-14
lua errors since 6.0.2
Posted By: Reaper666735
yup same problem here , and latest version to Download gives me a corrupted zip lol 4x LightHeaded\LightHeaded-371.lua:1329: table index is nil LightHeaded\LightHeaded-371.lua:1329: in main chunk Locals:
File: QuestGuru10-15-14
Welcome :)
Posted By: Reaper666735
Fair Welcome Lazare :) , i hope you things will be going well soon ^^ , and btw il just be posting these Lua errors so you have an easier time tracking them down ok :) , 1x QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua:1476: table index is nil QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua:1476: in function
File: Factionizer03-11-14
Posted By: Reaper666735 still has the debug version .......
File: Factionizer03-08-14
Bug in new version
Posted By: Reaper666735
hi , it seems you forgot to remove the Debugging code to dump in chat , each time you open Factionizer it pops up and floods it :p , But i also just want to say you forgot to add the Black prince and Shado pan assault rep in the addon , i know they don't have daily's but rep is gained via certain Mobs and or killing raid bosses :)
File: QuestGuru01-18-14
Re: Re: Re: Grizzly Hills Tracker bug
Posted By: Reaper666735
am thinking then it aint a Blizzard Bug lol , i hope one of the Addon Devs will look into it :) Hello , not sure if this is an QG bug or Blizzard one , even if i already submitted an ingame bug report to Blizz ...... , but everytime i Quest in Grizzly Hills when i get a Progression or Completion for my Quest(s) all...
File: QuestGuru12-06-13
Grizzly Hills Tracker bug
Posted By: Reaper666735
Hello , not sure if this is an QG bug or Blizzard one , even if i already submitted an ingame bug report to Blizz ...... , but everytime i Quest in Grizzly Hills when i get a Progression or Completion for my Quest(s) all of them are being Hidden and untracked from the Quest log and Tracker ( only Grizzly other zone's ar...
File: QuestGuru11-03-13
New error
Posted By: Reaper666735
1x QuestGuru-2.2.16-50400\QuestGuruOptions.lua:11: attempt to index global "QuestGuru_Settings" (a nil value) QuestGuru-2.2.16-50400\QuestGuruOptions.lua:11: in function "initFunction" FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: in function "UIDropDownMenu_Initialize" QuestGuru-2.2.16-50400\QuestGuruOptions.lua:256: in main chunk Locals:...
File: Factionizer11-02-13
Posted By: Reaper666735
hi , we have several Lua errors on log in to world waiting for you on curseforge ticket and :p , just in case you where not aware of them ^^
File: QuestGuru11-01-13
Posted By: Reaper666735
ow and before i forget , have you been checking the Feature's list recently ? , because it seems many of those are still " under review " and the oldest is from December 2011 lol :p , i see many new addon authors attached to the addon , and i hope some will help you for those :D
File: QuestGuru11-01-13
latest update
Posted By: Reaper666735
just wanted to mention that since the last update of QG , each time you open or close the Quest log you see in yellow text " OnShow " , " OnHide " in the Chat log , just a tad annoying :p
File: LightHeaded10-26-13
Posted By: Reaper666735
any 5.4 update incoming ? :) , not that the addon is not working or anything , but i guess i just mean a fresh database update :D
File: Factionizer04-06-13
Aldor and Scryers rep
Posted By: Reaper666735
hello again lol when i looked for Sporregar just now i also noticed a lack of info for the Aldor and Scyers in higher rep levels , currently the addon removes all the Rep Repeatable's once you reach Honored , for Aldor it is only the Marks of Kil'jeaden you can only use till Honored , you can still use the Marks of Sargeras and F...
File: Factionizer04-06-13
New Update and Sporregar rep
Posted By: Reaper666735
hi again , ty for the Commendation and Champion fix aswell :D , all seems to be working correctly ^^ , i have found out something btw , for Sporregar reputation from in Burning Crusade , you normally had to kill Bog lords and Marsh Lurkers in combination with Sanguine Hibicus and Glowcaps found in Zangarmash or Underbog with D...
File: Factionizer03-18-13
Patch 5.2 Changes
Posted By: Reaper666735
hi , current Version is still not showing the Changes Reflected in patch 5.2 , the Championing and Rep token bought indicator , can you please allow Factionizer to show these new base options ty PS: pic example in link
File: QuestGuru03-12-13
Lua error's since 5.2
Posted By: Reaper666735
Running into the following errors when doing dailies after updating to 5.2. Date: 2013-03-09 18:28:49 ID: -6 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua line 1262: table index is nil Debug: QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua:1262: QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua:1255...
File: Factionizer03-10-13
Re: origbarvalue error fixed
Posted By: Reaper666735
i have fixed the origbarvalue error with the newest file 13.03.09, and the human faction error (didn't realise it was there) as well. Sorry for the problems I am trying to get the programe wrapped around in my head. As I do I will be adding compatability. by adding compatibilty do you mean the Grand commandation ( Reputatio...
File: Factionizer03-07-13
Lua error's since 5.2
Posted By: Reaper666735
there are plenty of the addon's Lua error's on addon page am afraid :p , and since latest update i can see the rep frame again but when clicking anything or choosing rep in Dungoen tool i get , 1x Factionizer\Factionizer-r14.lua:1539: attempt to perform arithmetic on global "origBarValue" (a nil value) Factionize...
File: QuestGuru02-19-13
Quest tracker
Posted By: Reaper666735
hi there , as i am hoping that a Scenario and Challenge Dungeon support will be added natively by Gregity soon with 5.2 :) , i would like to add a suggestion about the Quest tracker aswell , when a quest has a chain you can click the tracker to open the specified quest and get the next in the series , BUT currently it's very hard...
File: Factionizer10-26-12
Curse again ...
Posted By: Reaper666735
sorry to bother again but curse is still only showing the 4.3.0 update ..... :( , can you please make both website's host them as most of us use Curse Client to update them , ty
File: LightHeaded09-10-12
Lua Report
Posted By: Reaper666735
2x CreateFrame(): Couldn"t find inherited node "UIPanelButtonTemplate2" LibSimpleOptions-1.0\LibSimpleOptions-1.0-90043.lua:584: in function "MakeButton" LightHeaded-344\LightHeaded_Config.lua:37: in function "controlCreationFunc" LibSimpleOptions-1.0\LibSimpleOptions-1.0-90043.lua:101: in function
File: Factionizer09-06-12
Re: Curse Update
Posted By: Reaper666735
Is it possible to push the latest updates to the curseforge repos? I was waiting for an update for 5.0.4 for awhile and it was only luck that I checked the comments on to get this link. I feel a lot of people would be grateful for the update on curse. yes i agree aswell it would be great if curse got them aswell i use th...