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File: oUF_Freeb10-15-12
AltPowerBar Color
Posted By: Naizen
Hi, At the Stone Guard Encounter in Mogushan Vaults, Blizzards AltPower frame shows 4 different colors for whichever of the 4 Mobs is currently active - is it possible to color the altpowerbar below the player frame according to this?
File: NugRunning09-29-12
Shaman/Totems/Flame Shock
Posted By: Naizen
Hi d87, Whenever I try do use NugRunning on my Shaman I'm gettting this error: (Placing Fire Totem -> Flame Shock on Target -> Error. Does not happen without Totem - removing Totems in config file works fine, too) 1x NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:678: attempt to compare number with nil NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:678: in function