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File: aegerUI10-04-13
:3 yay!
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File: aegerUI09-27-13
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Hello i made a screenshot but i m wondering about resizing since your manitor is bigger than mine
File: DecUI03-19-13
Same here
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Auto Greed/DE always becomes unchecked after logging out. Sometimes it works even if unchecked when I log back in, but others I'll have to re-enable it for that session. Anything I'm missing here? I believe its Elvui, I've been seeing that lately too on my other mains. You can try to install Elvui again but you lose most of your...
File: LUI v301-11-13
Stance Bar
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lol so i m searching threw unitframes, frames, and bars for "Stance bar" like in bartender and i can't seem to fine it.. love the UI :D. :banana:
File: Wullie's UI11-05-12
World Region Issues..
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I did all the installing requirements and attempt to log in but can't because the server "Azsune" Is unavailable to me because i m in Canada.. and i think your in Europe. i try to delete my Wtf folder but also lose all of your saving.
File: mbXtremeUI 4.011-04-12
Character Display Addon?
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Love the ui, But i have 1600x1000 screen i m trying to connect everything to their proper position but Cool down Timer is a tad off its interfering with the target bar.
File: Viviens DK Ui 5.008-29-12
Love It!
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I love the color scheme <3. pink, black, and purple :D :p
File: mbXtremeUI 3.005-16-12
Warning! xD
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Bit of warning, If you update kgpanels and i removed WIM, i'm 50/50 on it i like it and don't like it :P Oh but when i updated kgpanels the black background disappeared but when i hopped onto the boyfriends computer and downloaded the ui it came back. so i m thinking i have to download it again to get the black part back :D Btw a...
File: mbXtremeUI 3.005-03-12
I love the ui, when I relux. the ba...
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I love the ui, when I relux. the bars on the face and such were colliding with bartender, and I also remember seeing you had to set your ui scale, my screen is 1650x900 I think -. -' but it works great now I just had to replace some buttons to their correct place. xD
File: Vhei's Cataclysm 2.0 UI04-26-12
Well I updated all the addons on cu...
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Well I updated all the addons on curse client, and got rid of Titian panel. not a fan of it >.<, but.. I have white letters like a hub on each side of my character. and I had to manual set the bartender. and I followed your video twice and same results. I m wondering if there's anyway to get rid of the white letters. D: but on the po...