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File: Wullie's UI11-28-15
Hello Wullie. Greetings from Ger...
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Hello Wullie. Greetings from Germany. My Name ist Robert aka Kaśa (Server Blackrock EU). How can I Move the FOCUS ICON under the Map? With Move Anything dosen´t work! The other Thing I would like to know is how can I Scale the Icons of my Bars, Target, Focus, Selfprofile??? http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4...wzwytv...
File: Wullie's UI11-07-15
Been having fun with this UI. It's...
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Been having fun with this UI. It's very clean and easy to read. I have been having issues with other classes though. I had to DL an addon for my DK to watch his runes because the shadow frames was useless. Now I am trying to play my shaman and there is no totem bar anymore. It is enabled in SUF and there is nothing. Even using...
File: Wullie's UI10-17-15
Theres another picture that you may...
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Theres another picture that you may understand about what i'm talking The latest version of my UI is slighly different with the legendary ring cd's & debuffs being moved to different locations. If there is something else that you want to move that I haven't covered in my previous comments, MoveAnything should cover it. Screens...
File: Wullie's UI10-16-15
Re: Re: Re: De-buffs frame next to 1+2 bar
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This is the area I'm talking about, witch it is apear some kinds of de-buffs like Mighty bash or hear, that kind of de-buffs. I also want to know how can i change tidyplates frames not to be stucked, because if i want to target something and there are many adds close i can't, frames are almost all together and its really hard....
File: Wullie's UI10-14-15
Re: De-buffs frame next to 1+2 bar
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I would like to know how to move the de-buff frame that appears next to 1+2 bar witch is located next to Skada-Healing. Thanks in advance, keep it up. Debuffs are shown in the top left under the buffs. If it is something else you are talking about please provide a screenshot. Thanks.
File: Wullie's UI09-12-15
Ok so I like the UI a lot and have...
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Ok so I like the UI a lot and have been using it for the last several weeks. But I still haven't figured out how to see the debuffs cast on me. I have tried almost everything but I can't see it. Any suggestions? The debuffs on you are shown through /raven and are displayed below the buffs in the top left corner of your screen....
File: Wullie's UI09-11-15
Re: Re: Re: Re: Legendary Ring Tracker
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Tidy plates bug fixed on latest UI update. What is the easiest way to update your UI? Download the latest version.
File: Wullie's UI09-03-15
Re: Re: Legendary Ring Tracker
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Tidy plates bug fixed on latest UI update.
File: Wullie's UI09-01-15
Re: Legendary Ring Tracker
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What tracks the legendary rings? Thats awesome. Found out - anyway since the update to 6.2.2 I no longer get enemy plates. Any ideas? ora3 tracks the legendary rings. Enemy plates are still there configured through Tidy Plates.
File: Wullie's UI08-31-15
Re: Your UI
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Hello mate :) I have a little problem with the UI and everything looks so wierd :/ Here is an link with picture: https://gyazo.com/837d28436714361c3c23611c6126a60b I have done everything but its still wierd and i dont have a clue how to fix it :( You know what? i think i fixed it, but my focus frame wont work its an error or...
File: Wullie's UI08-29-15
I somehow lost my buffs/debuffs in...
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I somehow lost my buffs/debuffs in the upper left corner. What do I need to do to get them back. What mod controls them ? Type /raven to configure
File: Wullie's UI08-19-15
Re: Totems
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Hi, I really like your inteface but I have one big problem. I cant see my active totems anymore and how long they will stay. Is there an option to display this function again? Did they used to show using my UI? Maybe the shaman addons that I use for an alt are disabled when you use it.
File: Wullie's UI08-19-15
Re: XP Bar
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I have tried every setting I can find but can not get my XP bar to show for my lower level toons. I have turned it on in BT and when I unlock BT I can see it but as soon as I lock it back it goes away. You can turn on the XP module in the Titan Panel. Right click the panel at the top and enable XP in the settings. It is not a b...
File: Wullie's UI08-14-15
Hi just wondering if theres anyway...
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Hi just wondering if theres anyway to remove '????????' from Russian names is it something to do with font? love the UI thanks a lot for sharing it. Set your location correctly. See the FAQ in the UI installation instructions and set yours accordingly.
File: Wullie's UI08-10-15
Hi . i have a little problem. i lov...
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Hi . i have a little problem. i love your ui..i really do but when i want to keep ana eye on my follower her focus is all the way on top underneed minimap. how do i move that. tried with moveanything but didnt work.. please help me. :confused: That is configured through Shadow Unit Frames... type /suf in game and there is a...
File: Wullie's UI08-10-15
Re: No Profiles
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So I just got done following your directions. but there is a grey box and it says something about need to know? Also there is another one with a drag tab on the bottom right and I am not sure what it is for? I can submit a screenshot if needed! I want to get mine set up exactly like yours. Maybe you can make a youtube video on how to...
File: Wullie's UI08-04-15
Re: Player portrait
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Whats the addon used to move my player portrait and my casting bars ect.... and targets and stuff? Shadow Unit Frames & Quartz
File: Wullie's UI07-21-15
http://i.imgur.com/N2FEJu9.png v...
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http://i.imgur.com/N2FEJu9.png v6.2.5 Uploaded. Large Update. Fixed various minor bugs.
File: Wullie's UI07-04-15
v6.2.4 Uploaded. Large Update....
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v6.2.4 Uploaded. Large Update. Fixed various bugs. Reconfigured VuhDo to show cluster finder. Reconfigured Hermes. Various other minor tweaks.
File: Wullie's UI06-28-15
Re: Buffs
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Dude since the update 6.2.2 i have a problem i cant see my buffs or debuffs :/ so i mean the bar in the left top corner is away what can i do ? sorry for bad english ^^ Type /raven and select my profile.
File: Wullie's UI06-27-15
Hey i still cant find your profiles...
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Hey i still cant find your profiles. I have done erverything but your profiles are still not showing up. Looked up my account name and typed it in but still cant find your profiles. What am idoing wrong? Look in your old WTF folder to get your account name. Remember and enter your account name in CAPS.
File: Wullie's UI06-26-15
Hey, thank you. Can you please t...
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Hey, thank you. Can you please tell me which addon you are using to show damage and healing done ? I dont like having it in middle of my screen and prefer to use something else Skada for the meters. Combat text is switched off by default. My latest UI version (6.2.2) fixed various bugs.
File: Wullie's UI06-24-15
Love this interface. I was wonderin...
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Love this interface. I was wondering if it's necessary to update as it took me a few days to get everything just right and figure everything out. I would hate to start all over and hope i remember what each thing was that I changed/edited. Just continue to update your addons. No need to download the entire UI again. :)
File: Wullie's UI06-13-15
Re: Your profile
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Ive installed everything without issue but your profile doesn't appear listed in game. Ive followed everything stated, copied the correct names etc over but still no luck. It has worked in the past for me, not sure why on this computer and install it wont. Remember your account name is not your email address.
File: Wullie's UI05-29-15
Re: Elements from UI
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dude, i have a little problem first the "icon" of mounts like the chopper or the travel mammoth (the one where you can drop the npc's or partners) its missing, i can't find it, which is the addon that control that? Bartender. Type /bt to configure/unlock.