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File: MikScrollingBattleText08-28-12
Rogues CP
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Neither of the two combo point Events seem to be working on my Rogue...?
File: Tidy Plates04-10-12
Re: Re: Plate Visiblity
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You want to use Neon for Enemy PCs, and the Blizz graphics for everything else? The simple answer is, No; It's not possible with the bundled themes It's theoretically possible if someone were to design a Tidy Plates theme using the Blizz graphics. Is it possible to disable the add-on for everything aside from enemy players...
File: Tidy Plates04-09-12
Plate Visiblity
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My intention is to use TidyPlates strictly for PvP. Having said that, I have figured out the option to disable the add-on for friendly players and NPC's and use blizzards defaults (no bars etc). The issue that I'm having is that it seems that in order to use the add-on for enemy players, I must also have it enabled for enemy/host...