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File: DecUI03-23-15
Annoying Frost Shield
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Hello Can anyone help me get rid of that Frost Shield icon from the interface? It simply blocks my view. I've done a clean install and this thing still appears. :mad: It only appears during combat.
File: DecUI10-22-14
I have two issues with this addon....
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
I have two issues with this addon. 1) The shop screen is messed up. There are no pages, but the second page is just moved to the right, outside the frame. 2) Not sure if this is related to the UI, but it started appearing as soon as I installed it. The right mouse button seems laggy. Sometimes it releases by itself when I'm hol...
File: DecUI10-20-14
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Hello, Ever considered skinning the UI like this: If not then is there a way I can skin it on my side?
File: Balance Power Tracker10-15-14
WoD Update
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Please update for 6.0
File: Details! Damage Meter08-19-14
Re: Re: Recount
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
This looks nice but how does it compare to Recount? Thanks for posting Sir! I'm not a recount user, so i might not be the best guy to tell you the differences, but the frequently asked question about DPS comparisons, we try match the values on warcraftlogs. Hi Tercioo, Thanks for the reply. It answered my question. I was look...
File: Details! Damage Meter08-18-14
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
This looks nice but how does it compare to Recount?
File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB10-30-12
This mod actually works, but if you...
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
This mod actually works, but if you put the game in fullscreen mode and lower the gamma setting to the bottom then you actually get a nicer DX11 graphics with a darker look.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)10-02-12
Re: ?!
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Which one is the right version for 3.3.5a ? :confused: 3.3.5a is outdated. You need Mists of Pandaria for this!
File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB10-02-12
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
There's a different version here. Do the DLL files differ, or can I just get the latest version for Skyrim and mess with the .INI ? Nevermind, I tried it but didn't work. I don't see any difference at all!
File: shNameplates09-19-12
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
How can I make it bigger? The bar is too small and I am unable to read anything. I want to make the nameplates overall size at least 5x bigger!
File: SpartanUI05-22-12
Re: Re: World Map Button Icon
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Zomar, thanks that does fix the icon problem however your target overlaps it and the calender some what but both are still clickable; See; When I have time I am going to tinker with moving the world map a bit higher and to the left on the mini map and both the calenda...
File: MoveAnything04-19-12
Extra Action Button
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Hello. Can you integrate the moving of the Extra Action Button present in encounters such as Ultraxion (DS) ? It's that button with the special spell present only in specific encounters.