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File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB10-30-12
This mod actually works, but if you...
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
This mod actually works, but if you put the game in fullscreen mode and lower the gamma setting to the bottom then you actually get a nicer DX11 graphics with a darker look.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)10-02-12
Re: ?!
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Which one is the right version for 3.3.5a ? :confused: 3.3.5a is outdated. You need Mists of Pandaria for this!
File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB10-02-12
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
There's a different version here. Do the DLL files differ, or can I just get the latest version for Skyrim and mess with the .INI ? Nevermind, I tried it but didn't work. I don't see any difference at all!
File: shNameplates09-19-12
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
How can I make it bigger? The bar is too small and I am unable to read anything. I want to make the nameplates overall size at least 5x bigger!
File: SpartanUI05-22-12
Re: Re: World Map Button Icon
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Zomar, thanks that does fix the icon problem however your target overlaps it and the calender some what but both are still clickable; See; When I have time I am going to tinker with moving the world map a bit higher and to the left on the mini map and both the calenda...
File: MoveAnything04-19-12
Extra Action Button
Posted By: Silvery-Corgan
Hello. Can you integrate the moving of the Extra Action Button present in encounters such as Ultraxion (DS) ? It's that button with the special spell present only in specific encounters.