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File: gmLoot10-02-15
Ehm ... I hope mine, gmloot, (which...
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Ehm ... I hope mine, gmloot, (which is heavily derived from it) is better if you have checked it :-) At a glance, I don't see any global leakage, so that's good. The only issues I see are minor, and fixing them would mainly be educational. -------------------------------- You should never specify both OnTooltipShow and OnEnt...
File: GoFish09-18-15
If it happens fairly regularly, you...
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If it happens fairly regularly, you can enable some debug messages to try to see if the problem is actually in the addon logic or not. If it's a rare problem, debugging will just spam you a lot, but you could still try. Open Addon.lua in Notepad and find this line: GoFish:SetScript("PostClick", function(self, button, down) Aft...
File: GoFish09-16-15
Re: On first login after updating
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What language are you guys playing in? I do have Fishing Buddy installed, which claims to enable double-click fishing ... sometimes when I click on the bobber to loot the fish, it immediately casts the line again and does NOT give me the fish. Without any other information, I'd be inclined to assume this is happening because yo...
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip08-19-15
Re: the error message, see here: h...
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Re: the error message, see here: https://github.com/Phanx/BetterBattlePetTooltip/issues/5 Re: the linked battle pet, please provide more information. Do you have that pet collected? How many copies? What level/quality? Where did the link that you clicked on come from? Do you see the same issue when all other addons are disabled?
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper08-14-15
An assist module is/was in the work...
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An assist module is/was in the works that would let you assign a keypress to have all of your secondary characters /assist your primary character. It's theoretically finished but I never got around to testing it. You can un-comment it in the TOC if you want to try it out. I also had vague plans for a status module that would show...
File: PhanxChat08-14-15
If you're talking about the backgro...
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If you're talking about the background of the whole chat frame, right-click on your chat tab and click "Background", then drag the opacity slider on the right all the way to the bottom. This is a feature of the default UI and has nothing to do with PhanxChat.
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper08-11-15
Version Fixed an error...
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Version Fixed an error in localization
File: oUF Phanx08-05-15
Re: Adding Auras
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What spell ID are you using for Devouring Plague? Phanx, I have successfully added Void Entropy for my Shadow Priest. ... However, when I try adding Devouring Plague (not supported by default) it takes it until I either reload the UI or logout/exit from the game.
File: NoGuild08-05-15
Any way you can be more specific ab...
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Any way you can be more specific about the problem you're actually having? Just install the addon like any other addon, restart WoW, and it should work automatically. If you're seeing guild spam, please post the actual messages, whether you are currently in a guild, and whether you have the "block guild invites" option enabled in you...
File: Item Tooltip Cleaner08-05-15
Re: WoW 6.2
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I'm not actively playing the game at the moment. Can you be more specific about what needs to be updated? If it's just WoW complaining that the addon is "out of date" there's a box you can check for that at the top of the in-game addon list.
File: Notebook08-05-15
Re: Item and Spell linking
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Depends on what you mean by "linking". If you want the ability to shift-click a link in chat or an item in your bag and have the item/spell name written in the note, that's pretty easy to add. If you actually want item links in the note that you can shift-click back to chat, that would require rewiting significant portions of the...
File: PhanxBuffs08-05-15
... i cant seem to click off buffs...
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... i cant seem to click off buffs during combat now ... This is not a bug. This is simply how it works, due to Blizzard restrictions that were implemented all the way back in WotLK. You can either have the ability to freely sort and filter your buffs, or the ability to click them off in combat, but not both. See the "Cancelling B...
File: CoolLine04-07-15
What language are you playing in? W...
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What language are you playing in? What level / race / spec is your character? Do you have any talents or glyphs that affect Lava Burst? If so, what are they? Lava burst don't appear in cooline
File: PhanxBuffs03-31-15
What actually needs to be updated?...
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What actually needs to be updated? Nothing related to buffs/debuffs was changed in the patch.
File: oUF Phanx03-15-15
Re: config options error again :(
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... since this is a newer version ( from Curse rather than Wowinterface ... The latest version is on both Curse and WoWInterface. Please update and report back if the error still occurs. You may need to restart WoW after updating to catch new files.
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip03-06-15
No more tears! My tooltip addon was...
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No more tears! My tooltip addon was released about a year ago: Visible addons include ... PhanxTooltip ... If you want the border too, you can find it on my GitHub, but it still qualifies as "unreleased" and you're on your own if it breaks something or doesn't work.
File: Grid03-03-15
1. Grid > Status > Auras > Rejuven...
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1. Grid > Status > Auras > Rejuvenation > Enable (if it's not already) 2. Grid > Indicators > (any indicator of your choice, eg. Center Icon or Top Left Corner) > check Rejuvenation If you mean that you just want to see icons for every single buff on each unit, that's about the opposite of what Grid was designed for, and Grid...
File: Binds When?02-26-15
Post a ticket with a link to whatev...
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Post a ticket with a link to whatever super secret bat cave the special unique snowflake that is ElvUI can be downloaded from these days, though I make no promises as to when I'll get around to looking at it.
File: MountMe02-25-15
Post a ticket if you want me to rem...
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Post a ticket if you want me to remember. I've been miserably sick for the last 5 days and am just downloading the patch now, and addons that are actually broken will get priority over "features that would maybe be nice to add for other people but not relevant to me". :p
File: Binds When?02-21-15
I'm not opposed to it, but I have a...
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I'm not opposed to it, but I have a lot of other things to work on; if you want me to remember to look into it later, posting a ticket is highly recommended.
File: Bugger02-12-15
This is why you should always... RT...
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This is why you should always... RTFM! :D (The minimap button is actually a DataBroker object. How do you not have a DataBroker display? It's 2015 already!) At first I hated bugger because I thought it could only do a chat output. Then I re-enabled my minimap and found the button, lmao.
File: MountMe02-06-15
(EDIT: Sorry, just read the front p...
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(EDIT: Sorry, just read the front page fully.. hopefully this'll be implemented soon) I'm happy to accept a patch, but as I don't currently play a druid and have tons of other things to work on, you shouldn't hold your breath on me adding it very soon. (Also, perhaps enable changing the modifier key) Just open the addon file...
File: Binds When?02-04-15
AdiBags and DerpyStuffing added, bu...
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AdiBags and DerpyStuffing added, but untested. If you use one of these bag mods, grab the updated addon file from here and save it on top of the BindsWhen.lua file in the BindsWhen addon folder. Then reload your UI (if you're already in-game) and let me know if it works.
File: Binds When?02-02-15
Bag addon in the screenshot is Bagn...
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Bag addon in the screenshot is Bagnon (Curse link because the author is too lazy to keep his WoWI page up to date; yes Jaliborc I'm talking about you). I'll take a look at the other addons requested sometime this week if time permits. I typically like to do stuff like that while I'm at work since it requires little to no in-game t...
File: Class Colors01-28-15
Multiply by 255.
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Multiply by 255.