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File: Abigail02-28-15
Small bug
Posted By: Philburt63
A bug just spotted in the Adjust screen. This will be fixed for the next release, along with any other fixes that need sorting . In the meantime, you can correct the problem by going to line 714 in AbigailAdjusting.lua and change abiAdjustScrollFrame1:SetVerticalScroll(false) to read abiAdjustScrollFrame1:SetVerticalScroll(0).
File: Abigail02-26-15
Version 3.00
Posted By: Philburt63
Abigail 3.00 now available for downloading, compatible with WoW 6.10 Totally removed the old 42000(ish) limit on reading the AH, and simplified the Shopping Screen.
File: Abigail10-22-14
Hi, at the time you posted your com...
Posted By: Philburt63
Hi, at the time you posted your comment (October 19th), Abigail had not been updated for the new 6.02 patch. It has now been updated (sorry it took so long), and everything should now work.
File: Abigail03-06-14
Version 2.35
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.35 released. Main new feature is the ability to read past the old 42000 item limit. Now users on servers with large AH's can read the whole lot in one go, without having to do a page-by-page scan.
File: Abigail01-02-14
Version 2.31
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.31 2/1/14 Released to fix the small bug that would often report an item as being 'no longer at the AH' when you tried to buy it after doing a 'My Profits' search. Nothing else has been changed.
File: Abigail12-17-13
Version 2.30
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.30 is now available for downloading. Please note, if you are upgrading from version 2.15 or earlier, you will need to delete the datafiles from C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\'your account name'\Saved Variables\Abigail.lua. Users upgrading from versions 2.20 or 2.21 will not have to do this.
File: Abigail09-17-13
Version 2.20
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.20 is now live and can be downloaded here.
File: Abigail07-08-13
Changes for version 2.20
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.20 will be released shortly after the 5.40 patch goes live. Whats New : Extra functions on the Mailbox, to take all cash, won auctions, unsold auctions or all other items with a simple one-button click. A Delete screen has been added, showing all realms/factions you have scanned data for, and allow you to delete...
File: Abigail04-10-13
small bug - but nothing to worry about
Posted By: Philburt63
Clicking on an empty space in the Hi-Price / Low-Price columns on the Adjust screen is causing an error. This will be fixed for version 2.15, which will be released once 5.3 is patched. In the meantime, simply don't click on an empty field in these columns.
File: Abigail04-03-13
Version 2.10
Posted By: Philburt63
The easiest addon for making lots and lots of WoW gold! WARNING - At the moment (since 5.20) the Blizzard servers are returning some odd values when doing a GetAll scan of the auction house. Until this is resolved, it is recommended that you use the page-by-page option when scanning the AH. Version 2.10 (updated for 5.20 and Au...
File: Abigail01-01-13
Version 2.01
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.01 29/12/12 Contains a couple of bug fixes and some new features: Fixed small bug on adjust screen that allowed the Right-Click button to also remove prices. Added 2 more variables and to hold Money Earned and Money Spent at AH. Shows Spent, Earned and Profit fields on Bargains and Selling screens. Made sma...
File: Abigail12-19-12
Forthcoming changes
Posted By: Philburt63
A couple of changes in the pipeline, suggested by a user. Firstly, Abigail is supposed to ignore Soulbound and Account Bound items on the selling screen. This wasn't always happening, so a quick re-write of that part of code has fixed this. Next, again on the selling screen, a facility to 'ignore' items. This will allow you to...
File: Abigail12-05-12
Version 2.00 now ready
Posted By: Philburt63
Version 2.00 for WoW 5.10 and Auctionator 3.0.9 If you are upgrading from a previous version of Abigail, please read the Upgrade Instructions included in the download folder.
File: Abigail11-12-12
Version 2.00
Posted By: Philburt63
I am currently testing Version 2.00, and it should be ready for release near the end of November. (Update - the major functions are finished and working, just a couple of bugs to sort out when upgrading from 1.34 to 2.00) It was originally intended that 2.00 would be completely separate from earlier versions, and would be buildi...
File: Abigail10-14-12
Selling problems
Posted By: Philburt63
A bug has surfaced that give rather silly selling prices when undercutting the lowest current auction for an item with a stack size greater than one. Working on a solution for this, but it may need a complete re-write of the selling routines, so it may take a week or so. Look out for a fix in 1.34, but in the meantime it isn't too dr...
File: Abigail09-19-12
Posted By: Philburt63
The short answer is no. You wont find bargains without looking for them in the AH, so a scan is inevitable at some point. The Undermine addon doesn't tell you what is available, just what was available last time it looked - which can be 7 days old, missing lots of auctions. Sorry, but the information it gathers just isn't complete en...
File: Abigail09-19-12
Version 1.32 now available
Posted By: Philburt63
Ok - version 1.32 is now here, and has been tested without crashing for me (doesn't mean its totally free of bugs - so if you find one please let me know) Updated for 5.05 and also Auctionator 3.0.5. Please note, Abigail does not work with the SlowScan feature in Auctionator. Future releases of Abigail may have a Slow Scan facilit...
File: Abigail09-14-12
Possibly fixed
Posted By: Philburt63
The only way i've managed to get Abigail to hangup is by first taking a 'getall' scan in Auctionator, and then trying to do a 'take snapshot' in Abigail. This is normally prevented by having Abigail look for scans done by Auctionator, and resetting the 15 min countdown. The most recent version (1.31) was not doing this correctl...
File: Abigail09-13-12
Sorry you are having problems, but...
Posted By: Philburt63
Sorry you are having problems, but there does seem to be a major issue at the moment, but I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. To help, please let me know what server you are on and what version of Abigail you are using. It would also help me if you could list any other Auction House addons that you have loaded.
File: Abigail07-17-12
Private Servers
Posted By: Philburt63
I've had a few comments from people running WoW on private servers that cannot get Abigail to work correctly. Sorry folks, but it just wont happen. Private servers do not respond correctly to information requests, such as reading the AH, and definately do not provide game Events that can be checked. If you are on a private server, do...
File: Abigail01-18-12
Posted By: Philburt63
Please read the instructions before using. Also please note that after doing a Take Snapshot, you will stilll need to do a Search Bargains before you can find items to buy. This may sound obvious - but i've spent hours with some users telling me that Abigail wont work, when they haven't pressed this button.