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File: HaifUI09-30-13
Made an account to say - this is a...
Made an account to say - this is a great package! keep up the good work - please keep it updated! :):) Thank you for the compliment. I'm sorry for the multi-month late response and update, things have been fairly hectic. v2 has been uploaded with a second theme. Hopefully it's as well received as the first. ;)
File: HaifUI07-13-13
Do you have any raid / arena screen...
Do you have any raid / arena screenshots?;) Goodjob btw! Not at the moment, sadly. When I've been on I've either been busy or not thinking about it. I'll get some up by the end of the weekend.
File: HaifUI07-12-13
Which resolution? :o Was designe...
Which resolution? :o Was designed on 1920x1080. Haven't tested it with Elv's scaling on lower resolutions, but I'd imagine it'd be fine albeit a little cramped in some areas.
File: ImmersionUI (ElvUI edit)12-30-12
19 0 20 x 1080, thats quite the res...
19 0 20 x 1080, thats quite the resolution.I apologize for that. Upon making it I was under some very heavy sedation. Will get fixed today, don't worry. ;)
File: EverlongUI Reborn10-21-12
Re: Not working for EU
Hey, I wanted to try this compilation, but it obviously includes something else dealing with login screen. I get to choose not my login but some Womby1 Womby2 and when I enter my email login, game says I shouldn't be playing on US servers. You obviously have some addon in this compilation which auto-remembers server or something, and...
File: SnailUI10-03-12
I don't log in very often, but I di...
I don't log in very often, but I did simply to favorite and comment. This is a very nice UI. I look forward to future updates.