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I've been dwelling a bit more in co...
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I've been dwelling a bit more in code. Thanks for the help mate but Blizzard restored my old characters so I now have most to test, including Warlock, Paladin and Druid. The only ones I can't really test is Druid, Death Knight and Mage I guess. The Paladin resources are working fine, in number or with graphics. I guess Death...
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Hello there, I big THANKS for the update, really appreciate it. I have a paladin and I' m more than happy to help you with fixing this class bars etc. Feel free to PM me through this forums. I play on EU.
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Begging for an update
Posted By: moikonom
Hello there, I'm a huge fan of your ouf layout. Have been using it for almost 2 years and never considered to change it. In my opinion it's the best layout ever made for sure! I would like to ask for an MoP update. I know it might be frustrating to you, considering the fact that you might not be still playing WoW but i hope tha...