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File: BittersUI (1920 x 1080)10-21-12
Re: Re: Re: Grid2 Font
Posted By: Hukdonfoniks
Just as an update, I fixed the alt character code issue with the OldRepBold font and will be uploading it in the next update. Essentially, I just added all the missing characters from another font so that there aren't any missing files now. Should fix any issues with chat or names appearing blank =D Thank you so much for doing t...
File: BittersUI (1920 x 1080)10-15-12
Grid2 Font
Posted By: Hukdonfoniks
This is an absolutely awesome UI. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I am having one issue though with some of the player's names not being able to show up for Grid2. They use the funky letters require alt and numbers. Is there something that I am missing in order to change the font for Grid2 so that their names will appear?...