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File: whoa UnitFrames10-02-12
http://i.imgur.com/YjyLp.jpg (note...
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http://i.imgur.com/YjyLp.jpg (note mob is about half health) :'( looking forward to update
File: InfoPanel10-02-12
Update plz ? :) (durability is bro...
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Update plz ? :) (durability is broken) can some one fix Durability.lua please? :confused: :(
File: Xone Minimap12-09-11
slash commands
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need update -- Looking for group Frame function RefreshLFG() MiniMapLFGFrame:ClearAllPoints() MiniMapLFGFrame:SetParent(Minimap) MiniMapLFGFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", Minimap, 0, 10) MiniMapLFGFrame:SetScale(1) LFDSearchStatus:ClearAllPoints() LFDSearchStatus:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", MiniMapLFGFrame, "TOPRIGHT") end Min...
File: bdMinimap08-15-11
nice addon but...
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I can't change border color :( Originally posted by Nafi1337 Open "bMinimap.lua" in notepad: ... This should work. :) I tried this. Don't work. Somebody plz help with this trouble. Originally posted by morf How to remove the clock? u can replace code from bMinimap.lua ---------------------------------- -- Time -----...
File: TotemTimers07-23-11
Font size
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Plz help me. Need change font size in tracers. How i can make it? :confused: yeah, EnhanceCDs is cool, but i don't have free place for it :(