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File: Advanced XP Bar11-19-14
Posted By: steste78
Just what I was looking for thank you
File: whoa UnitFrames03-20-14
player cast bar
Posted By: steste78
When you put the pet frame above the player frame the cast bar is in the middle of the player frame when you have the cast bar set to below the unitframe
File: CoolLine12-09-12
Icon Expire
Posted By: steste78
When the icon expires on the cool down bar it gets really big is there a way not to make it as big
File: Power Auras Classic11-19-12
White Listed And Black listed auras
Posted By: steste78
Can anyone tell me or a link to tell me what r what with these auras. What are black listed and what are white listed please
File: Bankitui07-31-12
Posted By: steste78
Please ask and add questions
File: oUF_Hank01-02-12
Is this still Live
Posted By: steste78
I realy want to base my new UI off this addon, but I wont unless this Is still going to updated. Is There another addon like this one?
File: oUF_Diablo12-31-11
Re: Re: Party Target
Posted By: steste78
I just would like to see what my party member is targeted on and maybe click on it to assist my party member. No pic of the party member taget may be a little bar below the party member with hp bar name and click able Depends. Not sure if you need XML for pary targets. Some targetframes are special.
File: oUF_Diablo12-29-11
Party Target
Posted By: steste78
How Hard would it be to add party Targets?
File: GrimUI12-27-11
Cast Bar
Posted By: steste78
Is there a cast bar for my target I cant find it.
File: whoa UnitFrames12-22-11
Unit frames
Posted By: steste78
Just wondering if your addon has party target frames if not is it possable to add them if not do you know of any addon that has party target frames that still look like the default blizz ui
File: oUF_Qulight08-15-11
Re: Re: pet target
Posted By: steste78
Originally posted by Qulight Isn't present and won't be It says it on addon info page then fix that.
File: oUF_Qulight08-14-11
pet target
Posted By: steste78
where is pet target
File: oUF_Drk07-25-11
Posted By: steste78
I see you have this addon on curse too can you please keep it updated there also please.