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Thanks for pointing this out, obvio...
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Thanks for pointing this out, obvious once you know! :-) Another question now! Can the energy bar number be removed? ie. The amount of energy you have. Also, this really is a very nice addon, load of features too! It really is super. Thank you for putting the time into making all our wow-time more fun! You have to chang...
File: SliceCommander06-11-12
I'm being blind I feel.. But how...
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I'm being blind I feel.. But how can I change the bar growth to go up, not down?
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re: vesrion 1.1 A huge thank you...
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re: vesrion 1.1 A huge thank you for including the cat sounds :) edit ps: dont forget to update the addon info ! :D
File: Annoying_Sounds05-11-11
Originally posted by Sideshow By...
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Originally posted by Sideshow By the way, the yawning sound of tigers/cat's/cub's is really ANNOYING too Hello! I created an account on the site, to BEG you, no not beg, to grovel before you in all your glory of addon cleverness, to please include this!