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File: UI-tat10-23-14
Re: Re: Re: New Update.
Posted By: Uitat
For all the bugs. ok so what im hearing is the info in the center (SLDataText is not positioning) i hear through the grapevine that load by character settings are broken right now. SLdDataText is one of those this is breaking Uitat setup as well, however it places everything else to the right position. as for the unit frame...
File: UI-tat10-20-14
Re: Re: projection Timeframe,
Posted By: Uitat
PD is not ready yet and im in a fix mode now on UI-tat, i think it should be done tonight or tomorrow morning Awesome! That is great to hear been using this UI back since before Arkiveui went down and you took over. hoping for a tonight fix. Also, ready to see a complete version of PD! :D Also, Diabolicia I know how you feel....
File: UI-tat10-17-14
projection Timeframe,
Posted By: Uitat
PD is not ready yet and im in a fix mode now on UI-tat, i think it should be done tonight or tomorrow morning
File: UI-tat10-15-14
Posted By: Uitat
the patch broke the UI severely i am on it and will update as soon as possible
File: UI-tat10-13-14
Posted By: Uitat
i will be continuing this through 100 level for sure, it may die after that ... i am building project deranjata to fully replace UI-tat, hopefully you will not notice any differance between the two when done .... other then not having to fiddle with even 1 file to make it look right, just drop and go, stay tuned as when the patches c...
File: UI-tat09-03-14
Re: Error message in chat
Posted By: Uitat
Hi First of all, love your compilation. Suits my needs perfectly but i have one problem. I can't get rid of the red error messages in the chatwindows. I can't seem to find the addon that is responisble for the filtering. I thought i was errormonster but i have had no luck removing these messages. Thanks in advance and keep...
File: UIScale07-16-14
i have something like this also wit...
Posted By: Uitat
i have something like this also within my own Project, yes he is correct you can set it to whatever you want, it will Scale, However, it will also effect Every Addon you have installed, im catching flack by people wanting to use my pack but then complaining that they need to re-setup all their other stuff, maybe you can do as i did a...
File: Project Deranjata Alpha07-10-14
Re: Ohhh, pretty !
Posted By: Uitat
Looking forward to seeing this when it's completed, or close to it! Looks really good. :) Just a quick question, though. It's currently using the blizzard raid frames, correct? currently yes but i want to make something along the lines of Stuf or SUF built in with buffs debuffs tanks assists all that stuff that makes a UI Pretty...
File: Project Deranjata Alpha07-02-14
help wanted post
Posted By: Uitat
if you want to flail me for being vague, dont bother, i dont care, my addon is in planning phase and i am working as i go, you dont like it?? i dont care, keep your disrespectful comments to yourself!!
File: Project Deranjata Alpha07-02-14
July 02 1014 Update
Posted By: Uitat
pushed update to fix errors related to Raid Markers Embedded Simple Chat Mods
File: UI-tat06-27-14
My chat text box is always too high...
Posted By: Uitat
My chat text box is always too high and outside the frames. How do you move this? right click the tab you want to move and make it moveable then you can move it arround and resize, for the combat log you must type /prat then make combat tab visible then do as you did for chat windoe, then make combat log tab invisible, hope th...
File: UI-tat06-23-14
Re: Heia!
Posted By: Uitat
Welcome back from your hiatus! I hope all is well with you? good seein ya again Uhellig, its nice to be back!!
File: Project Deranjata Alpha06-16-14
any bugs?
Posted By: Uitat
Still looking for input on possible bugs, please people i can use all the input i can get
File: UI-tat06-16-14
Sorry but your interface doesn't wo...
Posted By: Uitat
Sorry but your interface doesn't work in 1920*1080 or can you explain me how install. Thx go to other files and download the 1.77 ratio version, htat is the one for 1920x1080
File: UI-tat06-12-14
glad to see no reported errors afte...
Posted By: Uitat
glad to see no reported errors after 5.4.8
File: Project Deranjata Alpha05-28-14
Posted By: Uitat
Added XP Bar, Will Add Rep Bar Next UpdateAdded Notifier to Announce if you have completed enough Quests inside Quest Log to ding Altered Options Panel to say that the check boxes are not functional Only buttons that work in the options pane are BarView, Lets you see where the Actionbars, Extrabar, and Vehicle Eject Button are P...
File: Project Deranjata Alpha05-26-14
WOW loving it! seems really like wh...
Posted By: Uitat
WOW loving it! seems really like what i've been looking for, i'm really looking forward to seeing it advance! just 1 thing: plz give priority to making the options a little more understandable, it's really wierd to see "opt 1" "opt 2" etc. and the UI reloading whenever i click something that's not opt 1 =P that is a super alpha wind...
File: Project Deranjata Alpha05-25-14
Posted By: Uitat
chat configuration now enabledsome small aspect bugs in wide format screens fixed now works on any widescreen, if anyone finds a resolution it doesn't work on, please let me know
File: Project Deranjata Alpha05-20-14
another update coming soon,
Posted By: Uitat
will cure a couple small bugs in the code to speed load times
File: FauxMazzle05-18-14
Mazzle UI
Posted By: Uitat
you might want to download an old archive of Mazzle, open it and see if he is holding an all rights reserved or if he has put it GNU or somethign else, most people will put somethign inside the code that will say yes or no you can use/ can not use their stuff without permision, i know that most will say you may use this code or conte...
File: UI-tat05-17-14
Re: SlackerDude Out
Posted By: Uitat
Hey all, Sorry for not being active lately. I figured I need to let everyone know I will be AFK, quite literally. Real life issues took center stage about 2 months ago & I find myself with absolutely no time for games. I apologize for letting things slide here. UItat, you'll likely want to demote me to remove the possibility o...
File: UI-tat05-15-14
Update Pending
Posted By: Uitat
addons have been updated to 5.4.7
File: UI-tat05-14-14
Re: Re: i oopsed
Posted By: Uitat
had some backup files in the upload will trim em out and repost it Thank you, sir! So wait, is this an update to UI-Tat, or an update to Project Deranjata? I saw the Project Deranjata update :) it will be an update to UI-tat
File: UI-tat05-12-14
i oopsed
Posted By: Uitat
had some backup files in the upload will trim em out and repost it
File: Project Deranjata Alpha05-12-14
Update pushed
Posted By: Uitat
hope you like it !!