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File: Altz UI for Legion02-17-18
Re: first loading screen
Posted By: EKE
Hi everyone! First of all, i really love this UI! But could anyone tell me why the first loading screen with my Paladin is about 50 seconds, whether it is about 10 seconds with my Warlock? Try this way 1.AltUi config > item > common > convenient item button 2.Altzui config > item > common > item level
File: Altz UI for Legion02-16-18
happy lunar new year! :banana: A...
Posted By: EKE
happy lunar new year! :banana: Anyone knows how to move the dialogue window that pops up at the bottom center of the screen if an NPC is talking? This window isn't there all the time so it's not a very big deal, but still it covers my entire action bar as soon as it pops up. And to clarify, i don't mean the speechbubbles that a...
File: Altz UI for Legion02-06-18
Re: Cant join battleground.
Posted By: EKE
Does anybody else have this problem? I can not join battlegrounds while Altz Ui is working. If I close it then I can join. if you have lua error, post it.
File: Altz UI for Legion01-23-18
if anyone get fps drop/choppy frame...
Posted By: EKE
if anyone get fps drop/choppy frame/loading bar issue, delete or backup old ui and settings do a fresh install of altzui if issue still there, try disable these config: 1.AltUi config > item > common > convenient item button 2.Altzui config > item > common > item level Hello I have been using this ui for a few weeks now and...
File: Altz UI for Legion01-18-18
Just installed. Initally had a prob...
Posted By: EKE
Just installed. Initally had a problem with Aurora, but figured it out as it was a newer version that I had installed rather than the one used here. Got a different error msg: Also got this error mousing over the bar that hides the minimap: dont update aurora by urself, and issus are already know,paopao is still working on...
File: Altz UI for Legion01-10-18
Re: have 2 errors
Posted By: EKE
thanks for the great work :) I just installed this and got 2 errors, any solution ? are you usinig version 7.31?
File: Altz UI for Legion01-06-18
Re: Mana Bars in Groups
Posted By: EKE
I love this UI and the feel of it. The only problem I am having is seeing healer mana bars in a group. There is an option to turn this on in raids, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to see their mana bar without mousing over them. change ur altzui options Is there anyway to export the setting from Xct+ combat te...
File: Altz UI for Legion12-29-17
Re: Crashes on PVP
Posted By: EKE
I've been trying to do some pvp right now and everytime it crashes due to this addon... Says its an error on some Lua code on mods/tweaks and sometimes due to FramesCompact or smth like that , can't take screenshot while it crashes 8( Also only happens on BGs and Arenas delete tweaks.lua line 33~45
File: Altz UI for Legion12-24-17
Re: Fonts
Posted By: EKE
Hello everyone, is there a way to change fonts while I use altz ui? http://vranx.com/font.htm Yes my bad , thanks for the reply , also do you know how i can see my Shield of righteous aura on my name plate ? I can see Seraphim and Avenging wrath but not that one.(i have put it on whitelist also) you should read altzui config...
File: Altz UI for Legion12-19-17
Re: UI aint working with horde character on another server
Posted By: EKE
nvm i found it it was bc of class colors aurora newest update. what BC? dont update aurora by urself. altzui use a heavy-edit version for itself.
File: Altz UI for Legion12-18-17
Nothing works when I load this. I t...
Posted By: EKE
Nothing works when I load this. I tried loading it with just the mods that come with it. I just plopped it into the base folder and let it overwrite the interface folder. Is the buttons folder supposed to be there? Nevermind... but How do you resize the minimap? you should check again, there's an option for that. Whenever im...
File: Altz UI for Legion12-09-17
Re: Bartender4
Posted By: EKE
When use with bartender4 makes micro menu buggy. should say how it buggy, what error it pop, not just said it buggy. I got in a MythicPlus these Errors ignore it, wont have other bad effect. Greetings and thank you for the UI, it's great :) however I cannot find my hunter tracking button - it gives me options for fishing, h...
File: Altz UI for Legion12-02-17
Re: freezes game after rez in battleground/brawl
Posted By: EKE
@attackruby we know it already, fix in plan but wont be soon Not always, but oft enough to annoy me, after i have rez'd (in a battleground or brawl only), i get a 'script ran too long' error message regarding tweaks.lua lines 39 and 42. Is there a way i can alter these lines to prevent this from happening ? delete tweaks....
File: Altz UI for Legion12-01-17
i got a massive error warning for t...
Posted By: EKE
i got a massive error warning for the Raidframe use banderrorframe or buggabber to ignore it, it taint blizzard's raid frame but we actually didnt use it so wont have bad effect
File: Altz UI for Legion11-30-17
@airlock @Faby_2819 cant reprod...
Posted By: EKE
@airlock @Faby_2819 cant reproduce this issue. @wdavis111 that's strange. but dunno what happened?
File: Altz UI for Legion11-29-17
Re: Wonderful
Posted By: EKE
I have never ever donated to an addon creator, but I am just in love with this UI! I been using it for 1 week now and I already donated! What's the best way to receive notifications about recent updates? WOWI have a addon updater called "Minion". or just visit this page. someone ask for a curse update but wont been soon....
File: Altz UI for Legion11-28-17
Re: Re: Re: 碎银铁矿 战场报错2
Posted By: EKE
我用的是自带的,自带的软件我都忽视更新的。 try 7.28
File: Altz UI for Legion11-28-17
I cant see the tooltip of my Telepo...
Posted By: EKE
I cant see the tooltip of my Teleports and Portals on my mage. fix have been in plan......but wont be soon ._.
File: Altz UI for Legion11-27-17
Re: 碎银铁矿 战场报错2
Posted By: EKE
1.notice: paopao will be busy since next week. 預告:下周開始泡泡將會非常忙 2.a new version on github is already. i'll push them to WOWInterface and curse later. 新版本已經在github更新,਼...
File: Altz UI for Legion11-15-17
Hey there! Big compliment for this...
Posted By: EKE
Hey there! Big compliment for this very nice UI! I would like to know if there is an option to change transperency? Greetings! :banana: /aurora > change alpha
File: Altz UI for Legion10-27-17
Re: Error Stoping my Export
Posted By: EKE
this error will not let me export my settings,soon as i click export this happends everytime and i am not going to change eveyr setting per toon lol PLZ PLZ fix <3 will fix @Aquastias that's not a problem. @Incogneato paopao: ignore it. @biermaker logout problem isnt AltzUI's issue. @Titus_Dotel try dis...
File: Altz UI for Legion10-17-17
Re: Ultrawide Resolution Compatible?
Posted By: EKE
Hi, does this UI work with Ultrawide 2560x1080 Resolutions? altzui wont change your uiscale setting, default cvar is disable also no specific layout for specific resolutions you can just change uiscale by yourself, esc > system > adavance
File: Altz UI for Legion10-16-17
my chat isnt changing for one of my...
Posted By: EKE
my chat isnt changing for one of my characters , how do i fix so it has the same channels etc? what do you mean for "my chat isnt changing"? more exact.
File: Altz UI for Legion10-02-17
Re: Details! Addon Skin
Posted By: EKE
Is there a "skin" for Details! anywhere? or one in the works? https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23444-DetailsAuroraTextures.html#info like this....?
File: Altz UI for Legion09-28-17
@CRYPTfromCATACOMBZ change alpha...
Posted By: EKE
@CRYPTfromCATACOMBZ change alpha in aurora. Everytime a quest pops up on its own, example Legion Assault, or the examples below like im trying to start a quest for a alt... It will not pop up the quest unless i disable Altz UI if i understand correctly, it possible normally problem, have saw same problem times on other a...