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File: ViksUI03-30-15
cant get it to look the way u do with BT!!
Posted By: Powatwoopa
u didnt add ur bt saved variables so cant get them set up the way it looks in that picture i did everything posted but ur uploaded file only has interface folder it doesnt have the wtf one
File: Tohr UI12-09-14
weak auras plz?
Posted By: Powatwoopa
I see you got rid of weak aura's I went ahead and removed them for now, I will figure out something more elegant in the future, but for now they will be available upon request. I did like your auras by the way, I just realized that if I am going to do one class, I need to do them all. id love ur rogue weak aura strings for i am...
File: Xui - Elvui Edit03-02-14
weak aura issue drivin me insain=(
Posted By: Powatwoopa
wish there was a way to disable the artowrk thing for when u use weak auras-(
File: mbXtremeUI 5.001-29-13
sigh wish there was an easier way to make it for 1600x1200
Posted By: Powatwoopa
this is a nice addon set but too much work to just change to my screen size.
File: LUI v301-07-13
how does one change the overlay bar..
Posted By: Powatwoopa
some reason when i use this addon my overlay bar when i go into a vehicle i cant hit any key to use the buttons without mouse pressing is there a way to fix this?
File: Fundamental UI10-16-12
im guessing if u dont have such a h...
Posted By: Powatwoopa
im guessing if u dont have such a huge ass screen to show absolutely nothing but the fundamentals u cant actually use this interface i dont get why pple have such huge screens just to have like nothin really to look at.
File: Execution10-16-12
so funny when there are addons alre...
Posted By: Powatwoopa
so funny when there are addons already that do this rsa and at least 2 others alone
File: Boda UI Revamped (Bestwarrior's UI)09-27-11
Re: New UI
Posted By: Powatwoopa
ok this might sound stupid. but what macros do you use on your hunter? or are u not willing to share those.