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File: CError09-13-11
Posted By: Suzyrox
I was going to use this as it was recommended to me but my pc doesnt come with the program to open .rar files... It might be wiser to use a more common file type, This is just a hastle for me now.
File: oUF_Diablo04-29-11
raid frames
Posted By: Suzyrox
how do i go back to using blizz default raid frames?
File: rBottomBarStyler04-01-11
Posted By: Suzyrox
is it possible to change the textures of just the orbs like you can with the rothui? (i.e. the galaxy texture)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-30-11
little help
Posted By: Suzyrox
Just started to play with the diablo set up, so far so good but on select characters and from time to time my buffs will disappear.. I cant figure out why. I can target myself and see that i have buffs on my target(me) but they dont show up where they're supposed to and one last thing i play a druid and when you shape shift your...