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File: BenikUI v301-30-18
Hey Benik! First of all let me tel...
Posted By: Soum
Hey Benik! First of all let me tell you that I love your UI! GJ! I would like to use the same bars that BenikUi use on DBM, on my weakauras tracking bars. Is this possible? I can't make the icon/bar/time match like yours on dbm.. Care to explain how this can be done? Thanks!!
File: Threat Plates03-12-13
Hi and thanks for this awsome addon...
Posted By: Soum
Hi and thanks for this awsome addon! Can't raid without it!! Now, I canīt find any option to display the "Chi points" on the nameplates, combos work fine. Could we (Monks!) expect this to be included in a future version? Or is this a Tidy Plates issue? Thanks!
File: Tidy Plates: CleanPlates03-25-11
Font Outline
Posted By: Soum
Hi! First of all thank you for the amazing job on this addon! I'm looking for a way to add a font outline to the "players and mobs" names above the plates. Also a color/font dropdown menu would be awesome too! Is this possible to edit the outline on the lua files? Thanks