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File: oUF_Zulu05-12-11
Great unitframes! The only thing i...
Posted By: rellip
Great unitframes! The only thing i didn't like was the font so i switched to DorisPP :)
File: oUF Lanerra05-11-11
First i want to say thanks for thes...
Posted By: rellip
First i want to say thanks for these clean and superb unitframes. Then i have a little problem i want to report :) As im a healer i tend to use Grid also when i party heal. When i choose to disable your group frames they disappear but the role + leader icon is still visible chunked together.
File: Bollo08-01-08
Is there any way to anchor the debu...
Posted By: rellip
Is there any way to anchor the debuff frame to the buff frame? Its kind of annoying sometimes when i only have 2 buffs and then get a debuff that has to be on a second row. It would be great if you could implent some kind of sticky frame for the buffs/debuffs with a small spacing between them. So if i choose to only have one ro...
File: FinderReminder11-25-06
Problem with new version
Posted By: rellip
My bugsack picked this up after the new update from the SVN: : FinderReminder\FinderReminder.lua:113: unexpected symbol near `#' and also this one : FinderReminder\SpellButtonClass.lua:2: attempt to index global `FinderReminder' (a nil value)
File: FuBar - QuestsFu11-05-06
I cant get this to work anymore, do...
Posted By: rellip
I cant get this to work anymore, dont have a clue whats wrong. On the Fubar panel it says that i have 0/20 quests but i have 11. I use WoWAce Updater to get the files from the SVN. Bugsack picks up this: ": Quixote-1.0\Quixote-1.0.lua:161: Deformat-2.0: Bad argument #2 to <...ddOns\Chronometer\libs\Deformat-2.0\Deformat-2.0....
File: FuBar - QuestsFu08-11-06
Now its almost fine :)
Posted By: rellip
Found another strange thing, dont know if it QuestFu or Fubar 2.0 who makes it. When i have finished a quest and turned it in, it still shows on the fubar panel (the text that shows recent updates to the quest), untill another quest is updated. I dont need information on quests i have finished and turned in so i find this a little st...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu08-09-06
Bug with SVN version
Posted By: rellip
I downloaded Fubar 2.0 and QuestFu from the SVN and now i dont get QuestFu to update whenever i complete quests or fullfill some specific objectives. I have FuBar-compat-1.2 installed. I dont get any errors or anything, it just dont update untill i relogg, then it updates the completed objectives and stops after that. I will ro...