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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window01-20-11
Originally posted by DSTring Im n...
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Originally posted by DSTring Im not able to link recipes in chat when using this addon ( shift+click on recipe into chat ) can you plz fix it A fix for it; open up atsw.lua and replace all instances of ChatFrameEditBox with ChatFrame1EditBox . May want to make a backup just in case, but I just did it and it worked. Fo...
File: MoveAnything10-22-10
Originally posted by Aalwein Loca...
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Originally posted by Aalwein Located an error in conjunction with Auctioneer. It occurs when you hover over an inventory item if you have moved the tooltip anchor. Date: 2010-10-21 20:33:54 ID: -2 Error occured in: Global Count: 7 Message: ...AddOns\Auc-Advanced\Libs\LibExtraTip\LibExtraTip.lua line 1173: attempt to inde...
File: QuestHelper10-24-08
Slings and arrows
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I'm getting the same problem Arkive was reporting, I think. It's being extremely pushy about arrows. I turn it off, I toodle along, and a couple of minutes later here's the arrow again. I used the options for both tomtom and cartographer to turn them off, but apparently it really likes arrows.
File: FreeRefills08-07-08
Re: Re: Profile?
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Originally posted by Adremma In the name of better late than never, I took a moment to play with the syntax; it wants "/fr profile choose char". Don't substitute char with your character's name, that's the exact command. As an alternative, I was able to bring up the mod in the Ace2 addon preferences dialog, and set the profile t...
File: Bongos306-02-08
Midget minimap.
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Hopefully something for the very near future... I miss my massive minimap. Can't resize it with 3, so I'll wait for now...
File: LightHeaded05-25-08
Feature request; start collapsed.
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Would it be possible to add an option to have it start closed? It causes some lag when opening, as it loads the text. Is not a huge problem, but would be nice.
File: LightHeaded04-04-08
Problem with BEQL?
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I'm getting "Interface\addons\beql\questlog.lua:383:attempt to call method 'QuestLogTitleButton_On_Click' (A nil value)" when I click on any quest in BEQL (Bayi's Extended Quest Log). It works fine if I disable Lightheaded. Any ideas? It did work previously... and now I kind of miss it. :-p
File: LightHeaded02-15-08
No Wowhead content?
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I've been having a problem where Lightheaded opens but has nothing at all in it. If I reinstall it, it comes back for a little while, then is gone again. The debug messages say it's loading whatever H##_Data file is appropriate, but that's it. Whenever I click on a quest, there's a long (>1 second) pause. I was using EQL3, then nqu...
File: FreeRefills12-01-07
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How does one set up a profile? My hunter and warlock keep ending up with all my druid's reagents on him. Tried /fr profile (Warlock's name) but it says that isn't a valid profile.