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File: Animor's AutoReply01-20-13
Re: Update
Posted By: Animor
Any chance of this addon being updated? :) Yes, but not right now. My account is frozen now due to lack of time. I intend to renew it at the end of February and I will work then on fixing the addon.
File: Animor's AutoReply03-10-12
Re: Error
Posted By: Animor
Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\AutoReply\Core.lua line 792: attempt to index local 'sender' (a number value) Great mod btw - thank you. Thank you for reporting this! I've found the bug (related to realID friends), will be fixed on release 09.04.
File: Animor's AutoReply03-09-12
I'd like to make a suggestion that...
Posted By: Animor
I'd like to make a suggestion that when you compress the files, you do so in a folder. Currently you have it so when you extract the files it just is a mess of files with no folder. You are right, I'm new to SVN... I will fix it. Thanks!
File: Animor's AutoReply03-08-12
Looks like an interesting addon, I'...
Posted By: Animor
Looks like an interesting addon, I'll try it out! Thanks :) Please note that the addon is still in beta. So I expect some bugs in it. The admins will soon move it to the beta category until it will be stable, in order to avoid misunderstandings.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends12-01-11
Aranarth, u cancelled your account....
Posted By: Animor
Aranarth, u cancelled your account...? So who's gonna take care of this great addon?
File: BrokerPets05-21-11
Hi, I have a suggestion/request:...
Posted By: Animor
Hi, I have a suggestion/request: Can you add an option to show all pets in one big list? It's annoying to look for a pet in 7 separate windows (A-D, E-H, etc.) Thanks!
File: Threat Plates03-27-11
Re: Re: 2 questions
Posted By: Animor
Originally posted by suicidalkatt 1. Nameplate Settings > Alpha > Blizzard Non-Target Fade 2. Castbar coloring was fixed a few versions ago not sure if you're using the latest version. Hi, Thanks for the answer on (1). Regarding (2), I still don't know how to fix the uninterruptable castbar pattern issue. I'm using versi...
File: Threat Plates03-25-11
2 questions
Posted By: Animor
Hello, I have 2 questions: 1. Since the last big version update, non-target mobs have less opacity/alpha than the targeted mob. How can I change it so opacity will be only according to threat, regardless of whom I target? 2. There is an option of custom color of castbar. However, shielded (uninterruptable) cast has the same...
File: Aloft Alpha03-04-11
guild only plates cause flashing plates
Posted By: Animor
Hello, I have tried Aloft since I was looking for an addon that will show me only guild and friends name plates, so I would spot them easily on BGs and crowded cities. I have configured Aloft to do so, but encountered an annoying behavior: Nameplates of friendly players, which are not from my guild, flash/blink for a short per...
File: Threat Plates03-03-11
guild members only plates
Posted By: Animor
Hello, Thank you for a great addon! Can you please add a feature to show only guild members and friends plates instead of all friendly plates? This will be very useful for: 1. BGs, when you go as a pre-made group and want to stick together. 2. Identify your guild mates/friends in crowded areas, like cities. Thanks!