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some question
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Sweet layout!I have two question,hope you can help me. 1),i play pvp,how can it shows bigger aura icon when tagart use special skill and special buffs,like 'Hand of Protection','Unholy Frenzy' and so on,and monitor player special buff as bigger aura too. 2),how can i make the arena frame's hp text always shows? sorry my bad eng...
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File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)10-13-12
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Originally posted by aceman67 try...
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Originally posted by aceman67 try not playing on private servers might also be a solution too... I won't use it on private server,unlucky i just play the chinese It's 3.35,I have no choise,kui 5.x can be worked,why can't ver6.x?
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I love this layout:)But how can i u...
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I love this layout:)But how can i use it in Wow.3.35.