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File: Ara Broker Tradeskills10-15-10
Tradeskill CDs
Posted By: Nakari
About the tradeskill cooldowns, just in case you've missed it (with all the patch hysteria and stuff), Blizzard confirmed recently that all tradeskill cooldowns now reset at 0:00 regardless of when they were used during the previous day, so that explains the 5hr / 2hr whatever cooldowns that showed up.
File: oUF_Hank04-18-10
ButtonFacade support
Posted By: Nakari
Edit: The reason for the error below seems to be that oUF_Hank doesn't work with the newest ButtonFacade (r306), reverting to version 3.3.301 fixes the problem. Does the ButtonFacade support actually work for anyone? As long as I have both ButtonFacade and oUF_Hank enabled, they keep throwing errors like this at me everytime I app...
File: AreYouReady01-07-10
A couple more suggestions for hunte...
Posted By: Nakari
A couple more suggestions for hunters: -Aspect of the Dragonhawk -Trueshot-Aura (if MM and specced for it)
File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported04-24-09
Great idea! If you're open for fe...
Posted By: Nakari
Great idea! If you're open for feature requests: I'd like for the text to show the actual spec, i.e. "Marksmanship - 7/57/7" rather than "Primary Spec" or "Secondary Spec".
File: CooldownWatch01-30-09
Small problem with the hunter abili...
Posted By: Nakari
Small problem with the hunter ability Readiness (and I assume the similar Preparation): If you use Readiness to clear your cooldowns, the bars won't reset and only update if you use the ability again.
File: InfoPanel03-23-08
Bug with hunter attack speed
Posted By: Nakari
It seems there's a small bug with hunter attack speeds - my normal attack speed is 2.17 (-> 3.00 (bow base speed) / 1.2 (Serpent's Swiftness talent) / 1.15 (quiver haste bonus)), but Info Panel shows 2.5 after logging in. When doing a /reloadui, the plugin shows the correct speed of 2.17, but it's 2.5 again after completely logging i...
File: ChopEmUpMoreGood10-04-07
Contrary to popular belief (and Bli...
Posted By: Nakari
Contrary to popular belief (and Blizzard's own tooltip) Steady Shot is not a fixed damage ability, and the formula given during the TBC Beta has been proven as absolutely wrong ;) I don't have the actual formula at hand, but it is something like 20% RAP + normalized weapon damage... this is very easy to test by shooting the same tar...
File: TransporterFu03-20-06
It would be nice if you could add s...
Posted By: Nakari
It would be nice if you could add support for the engineering transportation trinkets, too (Dimensional Ripper: Everlook and Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan).
File: TTSpellTimer02-04-06
Nice Addon! I was using Sorren's Hu...
Posted By: Nakari
Nice Addon! I was using Sorren's Hunter Timers so far, but the author seems to have abandoned it and it (obviously) only works for Hunters. I'd really like to use TTSpellTimers, but unfortunately the list of supported Hunter spells is a bit... lacking ;) It would really be great if you could add some more (i.e. the trap effects, Con...