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File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)10-24-12
Player Aura's
Posted By: Perfidious
Hey, first i want to commend you on an absolutely astounding addon; however there are a few tweaks i'd like to make to it in regards to player aura's (self), like: as a feral druid it would be handy to whitelist a set of aura's such as savage roar for example. I was wondering if you could provide any expertise was to where i can find...
File: oUF:Mystery for MOP10-22-12
Text Display (HP) and Art Frames
Posted By: Perfidious
Hey, I love the layout of these frames however I want to know whether its possible to re(move) the text display at the bottom centre of the screen; the other thing is I was wondering where in the code I could change the decimal point as HP is abbreviated, and notated in terms of w. On an unrelated note could I also ask where you got...
File: Starcraft II [edited] Zerg01-13-11
Middle Bar
Posted By: Perfidious
Hey man is ther an 8th bar at all u can add, at the res i use the bottom 4 that construct the hud is stretched to wide. In ur Protoss skin thers an 8th bar that slots into the middle. If not ats fine just love these skins and be nice to have em all workin.
File: NoneUI v1.0.1 - Protoss Edition - 1680x105001-12-11
Portrait Frames
Posted By: Perfidious
Hey man im just curious wat portrait addon ur using inside the protoss hud? the issue im having is none seem to be standalone portraits but unit frames. The only one i found was outdated and bugged. In the screeny u posted i mean
File: oUF_Drk01-08-11
Lua Config
Posted By: Perfidious
Hey man awesome work easily best unit frames I've seen. A few quick questions that are frequently asked is 1) how do I remove raid frames via lua code? 2) how do I remove player aura's on the player frame? 3) how do I set target buff growth top left to right? the only reason I ask again is because obviously lua codes have changed wi...