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File: Absinth UI04-21-13
I think I love this. I've been trying to steer away from ElvUI edits purely because I don't like the tiny size of their chat frame (what can I say, I have a very active chat box!) but I really like the layout of your unit frames. What the bar above your raid frames is. If you're using bartender, it must be moveable? I have been...
File: Wullie's UI02-28-13
Love your UI. It is beautiful.
Love your UI. It is beautiful.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit01-24-13
Love this. The only thing I've nev...
Love this. The only thing I've never been able to stand in this UI is the font on the texts. I'll keep waiting for a way to change the font before I return to this UI or any edit of it, though. Great work!
File: ImmersionUI (ElvUI edit)04-12-12
Great work
I have to say I stared at your UI for quite a while before I decided to get it. I tend to raid and require quite a bit of information on my screen to do that, but your UI is beautiful. Simply lovely. I liked your UI, but abandoned the basic Elv look months ago. I stumbled upon another Elv edit, Shestak UI, and that one I solidl...