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File: Learning Aid Beta03-16-12
Hi This bug has been ongoing...
Posted By: solo9099
Hi This bug has been ongoing but if you learn a new companion or mount it lists ALL your companions and or mounts NOT only the one/ones you just learned!! (In a HUGE list that covers alot of your screen if you have alot) Thank You in advance
File: GAOA - Guild Applicant Online Alert01-01-12
Constant chat spam
Posted By: solo9099
Great concept but with the visual chat message I keep getting saying "No player named ________ is currently playing" it makes it unusable for me at the moment! Can you please fix this? Im using Broker: chat alerts and its constantly spamming my screen Thank yo...
File: Darkmoon Faire (Quest Status)12-24-11
Fast work!!
Posted By: solo9099
Thanks for the report solo9099, I've fixed the problem. Seems I did a mistake when I did some changes to it but now it's back working fine. Thank you for the fast fix and Happy Holiday
File: Darkmoon Faire (Quest Status)12-24-11
Add-on not working
Posted By: solo9099
Hi, Im using tiptop as my tips addon and I cant get your add-on to work could this be why? Heres the link to it: Can you PLEASE get it working? And thank you in advance!
File: ChatRoll04-19-11
Hi did you get my PM if so could yo...
Posted By: solo9099
Hi did you get my PM if so could you let me know and let me know what you think? Thank you in advance
File: Daily To-Do's04-19-11
Hi its still disappearing whenever...
Posted By: solo9099
Hi its still disappearing whenever I try to click the + and/or - buttons can you fix this please? And it doesn't matter where it is middle of screen or left and right edge it does the same thing!!! It COMPLETELY disappears until I log out then back in!
File: Daily To-Do's04-16-11
Hi whenever I click a drop-down to...
Posted By: solo9099
Hi whenever I click a drop-down to see the quests the whole list disappears if I log out and log back in its back with the full drop down I clicked on UNTIL I click on another drop-down and it does the same thing again
File: ChatRoll04-08-11
Hi I was wondering if im doing some...
Posted By: solo9099
Hi I was wondering if im doing something wrong because this add-on doesn't work at all for me yes im using MSBT I was using WIM which I turned off and this add-on still doesn't work and this chat add-on and S...
File: GrindLoot12-17-10
Autoloot Money
Posted By: solo9099
Hi can you add an option to autoloot money please? Or am I missing this option? I have the latest version as of 12-18-10