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File: oUF_Karma06-02-11
Focus target bug
Posted By: IcyZeal
That bug has been around for ages and is a Blizzard Side bug. Modified Unit Frames can NOT use the right click menu to focus, the blizzard API just rejects it. So don't give yourself too much of a headache trying to fix it Sauerkraut, you can't, Blizz has to.
File: Combuctor03-20-11
I'm regularly monitoring the CPU us...
Posted By: IcyZeal
I'm regularly monitoring the CPU usage of my addons because in raids im hitting the upper limit of what my poor old PC can do. During my last scanning i have noticed that Combuctor has moderate CPU usage spikes(higher than i am comfortable with, but as i said, i have to be almost paranoid when it comes to this) whenever my Addon-test...
File: Chaos Frame Modifier02-28-11
Possible Fix: Frames messing up after leaving vehicles
Posted By: IcyZeal
Hello. I've had the same problem and have checked out the CFM.lua file. In line 132 you use if unit == "player" I'm not exactly sure why that would not work, however i recalled the UnitIsUnit(unitID1,unitID2) function from the API and decided to try it out, which seemed to fix the issue completely. To sum it up, the vehicl...
File: StellarBars11-15-10
MainMenuExpBar looses its Anchor po...
Posted By: IcyZeal
MainMenuExpBar looses its Anchor points during Loading Screens and anchors to MenuBarArtFrame "TOP". I added MainMenuExpBar:SetPoint("TOP",MainMenuBarArtFrame,"BOTTOM",0,0) at the end of UpdatePositions() which made the experience bar keep where you intended it to be. I wont call this a fix because my Lua knowledge and insight...