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File: Urban Achiever12-31-10
Posted By: zubrik
i'm sorry about my poor comunicating skills. what's the problem didn't show "progressing" in UA frame. also i had an solution that opening Blizzard guild frame at once, problem solved. UA frame shows progress after i opened it Progressing means counting things such as critteramageddon showing 0/10k. p.s i could't searc...
File: Urban Achiever12-27-10
does UA work as intended?
Posted By: zubrik
I opened UA, clicked some guild achivedment. but it is 0 progress. i think " some thing is going wrong, open blizzard frame" it looks normal in Blizzard frame does UA work as intended?
File: Urban Achiever12-23-10
kor localization for new string
Posted By: zubrik
for new string UASORT_Name = "이름"; UASORT_Points = "점수"; UASORT_Date = "날짜"; UASORT_Compare = "비교"; UATotal = "총"; UAAchievementDone = "이 업적을 이미 달성했으므로 더이&#...
File: Urban Achiever12-03-10
How to Watch Guild Achievement
Posted By: zubrik
input the following code /run GetGuildLevelEnabled = function() return true end if AchivementFrame_SetTabs then AchivementFrame_SetTabs() end after inputting this code, you'll access the guild tab in your achivement pane
File: Urban Achiever11-25-10
There are some achievements i couldn't see
Posted By: zubrik
in the original achievement frame, All achivements are existed! but in ua, i couldn't see some. is it bug, right?
File: Urban Achiever11-01-10
Re: Korean language....
Posted By: zubrik
Originally posted by maknae Hi Please add Korean language files. if GetLocale() == 'koKR' then BINDING_NAME_URBANACHIEVER_TOGGLE = "Toggle Achievement Frame"; UAComparing = "비교"; UACompleted = "업적 획득"; UARecentAchiev = "최근 업적"; UARecentStat = "&#...
File: Urban Achiever10-22-10
Urban achiver bugg
Posted By: zubrik
Message: Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:687: attempt to concatenate global 'UAComparing' (a nil value) Time: 10/22/10 19:55:59 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:687: in function `SetupFrames' Interface\AddOns\UrbanAchiever\Main.lua:238: in function `?' ...ite\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandle...