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File: Explorer Coords02-27-18
Still Active?
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None of the links on this interface's page are working. Is it totally unsupported now? Aha, just went to CurseForge and found this: "Played the game since vanilla, but the direction Legion goes, I decided to quit the game and never come back, so there wont be any update for my addons, feel free to clone the code and make your...
File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds10-11-12
Pandaria's Elder Seadragon Stomp
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Great hunter pet (makes a great tank), but his walking stomp is very noisy. Can't identify what sound he uses (to replace in /sounds). http://www.wowdb.com/npcs/58940-elder-seadragon?sort=level#related:comments http://www.wowhead.com/npc=58940/elder-seadragon
File: GathererDB WoWHead01-06-11
Originally posted by nessinia Has...
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Originally posted by nessinia Has anyone who has had the 90% stop problem actually figured out a fix & gotten the database to import all the way? As far as I can tell, all the people here who have had success w/ the import haven't mentioned having that problem in the first place, although I might have missed it. I had the probl...
File: GathererDB WoWHead01-03-11
Re: Import stopping early?
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Here's what I did: 1 - Downloaded (manually) the latest GatherDB_WowHead package from here, extracted it to my Addons folder. 2 - Renamed the DB_WowheadData.lua to .old (just so I could compare). 3 - Downloaded the DB_WowheadData.lua file from https://github.com/lloydpick/gathererdb_wowhead (the link in several messages belo...