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File: Roth UI (Diablo) Galaxy's Revival09-03-16
LUA novice
Posted By: thrawnfile
I have several questions... and I would read through the 15 pages of comments but there doesn't seem to be a search function on WoWI. How do I disable the action bar styles without disabling the orbs? commenting out/deleting "embeds\rActionBarStyler\rActionBar.xml" kills the orbs. I like to use Dominos as my action bar manager. E...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-08-12
I miss the old combo point "bar" st...
Posted By: thrawnfile
I miss the old combo point "bar" style. Is there a way to enable the old class "mechanic" resource bars. Aside from heath and energy/mana/ect I'm not a fan of orbs.
File: IntricateChatMods05-07-12
Suggestion/Request/Question: Is...
Posted By: thrawnfile
Suggestion/Request/Question: Is it possible to re-skin the edit box with the tooltip background? Tried to find something on the LUA but I'm not a programmer, just a hackjob coder. And a request to remove the chat tab borders, as you have with the editbox and chatframe. Love the addon btw, switched from the mem-hog Chatter....
File: Wanderlust10-19-10
the "local scale = " line will not...
Posted By: thrawnfile
the "local scale = " line will not work for me. i've tried with and without wow's default UI scaling. tried editing lua and reloadui, tried editing and completely exiting out an logging back in. even tried your scaler addon... what am I missing?