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File: BarKeep01-06-13
I am having a problem with changing...
Posted By: MissB
I am having a problem with changing talents. It comes up with this message "BarKeep has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this add-on and reload the UI." and the options to Disable or Ignore.
File: StellarBars01-01-13
Stellarbars is having problems in H...
Posted By: MissB
Stellarbars is having problems in Heart of Fear at Amber Shaper Un'sok. When he shifts you into the mutated form you are supposed to get a new bar -- like a vehicle. Most quests this works fine but with this fight the bars go nuts and flash up and down and I never get the bar for the mutated shape. Just constant flashing of my bars t...
File: MarkBar - Beta11-16-10
make this do what it used to do
Posted By: MissB
I don't get the whole start/stop thing. I don't want the players marked, I want the marks to stay on the mobs. The way it used to work, I assigned a target mark to a player, then announced it in party/raid. I could easily assign and reassign. Marks could be announced at any time to remind people. Now I can't announce and if I cl...
File: BarKeep10-17-10
Posted By: MissB
unable to replace a glyph when barkeep is active