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File: Button Forge12-02-12
Re: New version up to support WOW v5.1
Posted By: aimc
Thanks Aimc and Amy84 for supplying detailed info on the issue too :) Glad to help :) And yep, the new version seems to work great - I just had to re-add my pets as you said. This is a great addon and I am happy to see it continue to be maintained despite your busy schedule :) Since I am here, I have a couple of additional...
File: Button Forge12-01-12
Hey Realcyberghost, Aimc and Amy, s...
Posted By: aimc
Hey Realcyberghost, Aimc and Amy, sorry for the late reply (my work/life balance has been more work than life as of late). No worries - I know how that goes, knew you'd take a look at this when you were ready :) Thanks for the update and looking forward to a new version when you have a chance to fix the pet stuff.
File: Button Forge11-30-12
Yes, I have the same. It is basi...
Posted By: aimc
Yes, I have the same. It is basically down to the 2 changes that you mentioned. Any bar that has a pet on it will get the error and as a result will not be properly initialized, explaining the fact that some bars are fine and others are not. As a partial workaround, edit Button.lua and change GetSummonedPetID on line 1213 to Ge...
File: ElvUI Lite12-02-11
Thanks Elv, this is very much appre...
Posted By: aimc
Thanks Elv, this is very much appreciated - 4.3 is looking awesome but it really helps to have a slightly smoother transition :)