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File: DecUI03-23-13
Re: quest probs.
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hello, I have the problem me this interferes quest are automatically accepted and are delivered where I can make from? thanks already beforehand Excuse for my bad one in English Remove/Disable the add-on monomyth
File: DecUI12-01-12
Rep Bar
Posted By: Mainster
I noticed that the rep bar doesn't update when you earn rep from other factions. It stays on the Tillers (in my case) the whole time. Also pre-patch Skada was setup in a 2 window style, where one was DPS and the other threat. Can we still do this? Right now it's one big window. Thanks for all your work. This ui makes the game so...
File: DecUI10-13-12
Comparison Addon
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Great ui!! Is there a addon included that will let me compare armor,weapons, trinkets to what I have?
File: Panther10-29-10
Hello Great ui. One question, can y...
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Hello Great ui. One question, can you move the pop-up quest window when you click on the quest giver. Currently its on the left side of screen, would like to move more to the center. Thanks
File: Zookii UI10-18-10
Wheres the in game calendar? Tha...
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Wheres the in game calendar? Thanks Bill
File: Zookii UI10-14-10
Option Screen
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Great ui!!! Only problem I have is I cannot find the character, talent, spellbook, etc options. Is there something I can click on or do I have to use the keyboard to access them. Thanks in advance