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File: LootRollMover09-27-12
Xruptor, Just a quick FYI...Loot...
Posted By: Nazster
Xruptor, Just a quick FYI...LootRollMover still does not re-anchoring the Roll frame when you try and move the frame. It appears to move and reanchor but when you get the next roll frame in game...its back to the same location it was prior to moving it. Resizing does appear to be working...its just the lock into new position tha...
File: Minimap Button Frame09-13-12
Help Plz
Posted By: Nazster
I absolutely love MBF! Only problem I am having is for the life of me I cant figure out how to keep it from grabbing my LFG and LFR que icon. Anyone that might be able to help? Thank you in advance for any assistance you might provide.
File: LootRollMover09-11-12
Its Broken and beyond my capability to fix...plz help
Posted By: Nazster
Sorry to hear that this is not gonna be fixed anytime before MoP release Xruptor. With the 5.0.4 and now 5.0.5 patch with the new loot roll tracker as well as the new colorful roll frame...I too have been unable to get LootRollMover to work. I can resize as mentioned earlier in a post, but moving and re-anchoring the Roll frame for...
File: EasyMail (Fan Update)09-11-12
Thank you
Posted By: Nazster
Just wanted to add my thank you to Tonyleila for not only updating EasyMail but for also taking the time to share it again with the community. I have been using it since Vanilla and it's near impossible for me to live without. Again...thanks!
File: QuestGuru09-05-12
Also getting the same error as last poster
Posted By: Nazster
I am a long time user of Questguru and I absolutely love it and want to thank you for your efforts! The following is an error that prints out in YELLOW text in chat frame. Error: Variable text is nil. arg1=Mark of the Champion: 1/4, questID=2, i=1, numObjectives=1, questLogTitleText=Additional Armaments Error: text=nil, typ...
File: MarkingBar02-23-11
Let me start of by saying that I re...
Posted By: Nazster
Let me start of by saying that I really like MarkingBar and really appreciate your time and efforts to making and continually updating this outstanding mod. I myself have ran into one issue tho and was wondering if it can be fixed. The mod itself (best way i can describe it) is broken into 3 components...the marks bar, the flare...
File: Tidy Plates Beta02-03-11
Tidy Plates B - Ver 6.1 (R108)
Posted By: Nazster
Really loving what you have done with the latest version! :banana: Only 1 issue as described below. Issue - Friendly Name Plates: Unable to see health amount, mana amount or a individuals level. Is there any way currently to see that? Recreation: In town where everyone is running and standing around, turn on friendly nameplates.
File: BankItems10-27-10
ETA of Currency Inclusion
Posted By: Nazster
TODO: Currency recording is temporarily disabled. The live servers, beta servers and PTR servers are too different. Any ideas as to when this can be reinstated? Rather not have another mod installed to track things like Justice Points, Dalaran Cooking Awards, and Gold across mulitple toons. An invaluable tool for me. Again.....
File: DocsNameplates10-15-10
Hello, just started using these and...
Posted By: Nazster
Hello, just started using these and I must admit I really really enjoy this mod. I haven't been able to find a tutorial and being relatively new to wow and mods (in general) thus I am asking the following questions. Apologies for asking questions that may seem newbish. 1. Is it possible to show combo points on the nameplates? A...
File: Movable Bags 7.1 Legion Fan Updated10-15-10
Really appreciate the update! I ha...
Posted By: Nazster
Really appreciate the update! I have been looking for some way to move and lock bags in a set position. Again ty for updating this mod and it works great! :)
File: PhanxBuffs10-12-10
Posted By: Nazster
Was just wondering if PhanxBuffs will allow you to place your Buff Lines and Debuff lines where you want them? I ask this as having Debuffs in a seperate location on screen is a huge help. Thank you.