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File: Project Deranjata (Official)10-27-16
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Error in Emerald Nightmare: 4905x ...e_Deranjata\modules\data\Elements\coords.lua:29: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'posX' (a nil value) ...e_Deranjata\modules\data\Elements\coords.lua:29: in function `Refresh' ...e_Deranjata\modules\data\Elements\coords.lua:12: in function <...e_Deranjata\modules\data\Elements\coords.l...
File: FauxMazzle02-18-15
Awesome compilation! Brings back me...
Posted By: razym
Awesome compilation! Brings back memories :cool:
File: UI-tat12-06-14
Hooray... a working UI-TAT! Any...
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Hooray... a working UI-TAT! Any updates coming down the pipeline? :banana:
File: UI-tat05-14-14
Re: i oopsed
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had some backup files in the upload will trim em out and repost it Thank you, sir! So wait, is this an update to UI-Tat, or an update to Project Deranjata? I saw the Project Deranjata update :)
File: UI-tat 2.0.1 Beta 1920x108009-29-12
Works fine in MoP if you update add...
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Works fine in MoP if you update addons via Curse Client :banana:
File: UI-tat05-14-12
Uitat: 1) Go on Skype more often...
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Uitat: 1) Go on Skype more often! 2) They are a few things I can help you with regarding the MoP beta if you want to develop for it, though it'll take a lot more than simple patches as a lot of addons are just plain broken. That's all I am saying for now. Contact me on skype if you're intrigued. My Skype-ID ends in "eff".
File: DoTimer10-18-10
Originally posted by Asheyla Razy...
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Originally posted by Asheyla Razym, that's the tooltip for the timer to the tooltip's bottom left. I haven't had any luck duplicating that bug (getting the tooltip stuck onscreen); does this happen in the latest version of DoTimer? Ah, yes. I always update to the newest release of DoTimer as it comes out (4.4.4 at the moment)....
File: DoTimer10-18-10
Shout Filter?
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Hey, folks. I'm having a weird popup show up on DoTimer for 4.0.1. See it @ http://i.imgur.com/5TopZ.jpg Yes, it's a shout filter. I don't believe I moused over anything, but let's assume I did (bottom left shout tracker). The filter stays on the screen in the exact same position and through /reloadui. I can't make it fade o...