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File: EventAlert01-07-11
New spell/buff
Posted By: eppademic
Warlock - Improved Soul fire 15second buff please add it... or if you can make a setting to alert warlocks approximately 3 seconds before it wears off it would be even better as, we are suppose to keep this up for max dps.
File: Power Auras Classic01-06-11
I'm trying to get "ISF" to show up...
Posted By: eppademic
I'm trying to get "ISF" to show up 3 seconds before the buff wears off, and to stay active (while in combat) until the buff is refreshed. Improved soul fire can only stack once. it lasts for 15 seconds for all specs with either icon for Soul Fire or "Buff" image true name is "Improved Soul Fire" Version:4.9; InvertAura...
File: Faceroller - Destruction Warlock01-06-11
Spell rotation.
Posted By: eppademic
Since the release of Cata, a lot of warlocks have been forgetting or refusing to change their rotation. main thing to max DPS is to keep improved soulfire up its a 15% haste buff, it only last 15seconds but very crucial to increasing DPS in raids, also soulburn before soulfire is another way to keep soulfire to a minimum for casting...