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File: TBag-Shefki12-04-12
Category remains in the bar after removing it from advanced config
Posted By: Wundurra
I realise this is a long post, but I finally figured this out. When you create a new category, make sure you move it up the list, at least above the 'UNKNOWN' and 'MISC' categories. TBag puts everything which doesnt fit into any category into the very last category in the list, which is by default the 'UNKNOWN' category. If you...
File: TBag-Shefki12-01-12
Is there any way of adding more bar...
Posted By: Wundurra
Is there any way of adding more bars? I would like to have mining separate from cooking and leather, but right now they're all grouped together. I know I can reassign them to different bars but I don't really want to put them with other groups.