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File: Caith UI04-28-11
i updated a few but they dont have...
Posted By: Respite
i updated a few but they dont have your settings and reflux didnt work to make them the same it says "this addon has been modified if you renew it you will lose your settings" edit: was only tidyplates that didnt work the same as before, the other addons you listed when i copied them had the same settings you used yourself. the on...
File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank04-27-11
Posted By: Respite
is there any way you could adapt the ui to support/include gladius and other arena addons?
File: Caith UI04-27-11
please update
Posted By: Respite
after the latest patch almost every single addon is not working? please caith can you update... i will happily put 10 euros in your paypal for a completely up to date UI. thanks, Respite
File: Caith UI03-28-11
caith any idea when your'e going to...
Posted By: Respite
caith any idea when your'e going to release the update with grid etc please, people are happy to keep paypaling you money im sure if you releasse the updtes :)
File: Caith UI03-11-11
recount black bar
Posted By: Respite
also wondering why recount and the window around recount are no longer in the bottom right corner? thanks.
File: Caith UI03-11-11
Posted By: Respite
hey caith i know this is a recent update but all the addons are already out of date and i knew you spoke of adding Grid. im a keen supporter and happy to add more to your paypal acocunt for frequent efficient updates. also... just wondering on how many users are comfortable with caiths original 22 button bar and how many of you h...
File: Caith UI02-18-11
problem with totem bar??
Posted By: Respite
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/30/wowscrnshot021811082535.jpg/ hi i have a problem where my totem bar that used to be above my hp bar is now stuck in the position of being the left side of bar 1 and i cannot move it in BT or PB it is stuck in that position and is un-clickable as the slot 1 is bound to my healing spell not th...
File: Caith UI04-17-10
major problems with UI please could someone help.
Posted By: Respite
http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/9373/caithui.jpg i downloaded the caithui folder, followed the instructions, i refluxed, i then proceeded to check all addons were infact "Caithui" profile which they are. all addons are in-date and loaded but i am always confronted with this horrible mess of addons... can anyone guide me on what...