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File: Zarý UI06-20-11
Good but bad
Posted By: Ragepaw
Very good and nice ui but the only thing that is VERY negative about this ui is that when people download it, your game turns into german, which actually isnt easy to change back to english becuase when you download english client it says you allready have that language pack... too bad would love to use this.. maybe in the future you...
File: Arp UI04-18-10
Posted By: Ragepaw
WHen are you going to update the 1680x1050? btw AWESOME new layout :D:banana::banana::banana:
File: Arp UI04-06-10
Great UI! :D
Posted By: Ragepaw
I really enjoy this Ui but the newest update i found out that the map clock is the normal blizzard one and my atlasloot button wont shot neither do the tracking so im wondering if your going to fix that on both types i use the 1680 :P:banana: