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File: SuperVillain UI12-13-17
chat issue..
Posted By: snowlily
anybody have an issue with not being able to see chat? i cant see gchat, instance, or party chat.. any help would be awesome :)
File: SuperVillain UI (WoD Beta)08-28-14
New Build Error
Posted By: snowlily
Thanks for the new build! :) wanted to let you know that the quest log isn't working :( thanks for all the work you put in makin the game more enjoyable :)
File: SuperVillain UI (WoD Beta)08-07-14
Reagents bank
Posted By: snowlily
How do we access this? i am not seeing a button when i open my bank Love the add on!!! thanks :) I have tried everything to view the reagent tab of the bank with the ui enabled.. and not able to access it. i have to actually disable the the add on to view the tab... any advice? or is this something that just hasnt bee...
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version11-06-12
maybe i am an idiot but..
Posted By: snowlily
i downloaded the file, from here, deleted my old Power Auras folder from wow, unzipped and copied the new folder over.. but i cant see power auras in game, its not even in my list of addons using esc/interface/addons even though i see it in the list of addons from the character screen what am i doing wrong? btw the name of my file...