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File: PhoenixStyle07-21-14
Re: additional funcrionality
Posted By: Tonyleila
It would be great to add a possibility to see who pulled the boss. This can help to kick ninjapullers in lfr and flexes. I know your addon is mainly for normal and heroic raids but we all have alts and we're going lfrs and flexes. Идиоты совсем за&...
File: LeilaUI - 16:907-20-14
Re: Drawer function on dominos bar 3
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, is there a way to remove the drawer function on bar3 of dominos? I can move the bar around and re-position it, but the long vertical button that show/hides the bar will not go away. The button that is attached to bar 3 shoud be "right-buttons" at the Active Panels of kgpanels type "/kgpanels config" and remove the pannel or r...
File: LeilaUI - 16:907-11-14
Re: hey
Posted By: Tonyleila
thanks very much for the update mate ^^ been waiting a long time hehe Hehe no problem, as always I tryed to collect as many AddOn updates into one LeilaUI update as possible so you don't have to resett the UI to often, thats why it took so long. But if there is an anoying bug or error i'll update as fast as possible!
File: LeilaUI - 16:907-09-14
LeilaUI v3.52 for WoW Patch 5.48
Posted By: Tonyleila
LeilaUI has been Updated again! - Many Addon Updates - Removed Crapy Chat Fix addon since its not needed any more - Shadowed Unit Frames now have a much better menu for Aura Indicators and shows inc heal/shilds on raidframes Have fun!
File: LeilaUI - 4:306-28-14
Vielen Dank für die mühe, aber waru...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Vielen Dank für die mühe, aber warum musst du extra nen alten Monitor rauskramen? Das kannste doch auch mit einem Widescreen Monitor einstellen, aber du wirst schon wissen was du tust^^ Und wegen den Variables meinst du wohl die alten 4:3. Werd mal schauen ob das funktioniert, Danke Leider nicht. Wenn man einfach auf Fenstermodus st...
File: LeilaUI - 4:306-28-14
Wird an der 4:3 Version noch gearbe...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Wird an der 4:3 Version noch gearbeitet? Wäre echt nice. Nutze noch immer meinen guten alten CRT Monitor :D Ansonsten müsste ich die 16:9 Version selber anpassen, was aber immer ein riesen Gefummel ist. Würde mich freuen wenn du ein Update raushauen würdest. Alten Monitor musste ja net dafür rauskramen, Fenstermodus mit 4:3 Auflösung...
File: KayrMacro - Advanced Macros and Expanded Storage06-21-14
looks like you crashed the side a b...
Posted By: Tonyleila
looks like you crashed the side a bit with your ============ line :D
File: Rematch06-17-14
Re: 2.4.8
Posted By: Tonyleila
I have 2 problems with the current version: 1. When switching skills of pets in the original pet window while rematch is open in the background it closes blizzards window after switching the skill. (my window options are -> 4 Lock slide window, 5 use side pannel, 7 close pet window). 2. I got 2 new Pets, I want to level both o...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-10-14
Your numbering is very random so I...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Your numbering is very random so I am going in linear order 4 & 5) Let me double check, but that's more of a AceGUI internal thing I can't trivially change. I'll double check to see if it's possible, but I doubt it. Sorry about the numbering i fixed it now :D! New alpha seams to work fine! 4) Maybe if you shrink the "group" al...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-08-14
Check out the latest alpha on http:...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Check out the latest alpha on Tonyleila OMG jizz! Love the new menu! Much better overview now! Icons are great and classes sortet is much better even with class color perfect! (this is to 2. and 3.) But I have a 4) now: maybe there shoud be a button to shrink and expandet all gr...
File: Rematch06-07-14
Re: Re: Feature request
Posted By: Tonyleila
Would 250 characters be enough space for notes? This way notes could be sent/received with the team also. He he lol good idea, I think 250 is enoth since my Tamer notes woud be "press 1 1 1 2 switch to 2. pet 2 3 3 3 switch 3. pet 1 1 1 2 enemy down" while my Pet notes woud be "Mahh I wasted all my money on this pice of shit and i...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-07-14
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hey Shadowed thanks for the great update! Aura indicators are now built in, deprecating ShadowedUF_Indicators EDIT: Ok works fine to update SUF and removed the old ShadowedUF_Indicators folder! All my custom buffs are still here :) Thanks! 1. Can you maybe include all my Auras into the addon? Over the last years I have made trac...
File: Rematch05-25-14
Re: 2.4.2
Posted By: Tonyleila
I see 2 rematch buttons now :D Its caused by Pokemon Trainer if PT is enabled 2 buttons show up if its disabled there is only one rematch button.
File: Rematch05-17-14
Gello, I just want to thank you...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Gello, I just want to thank you for the work you have put into this addon. I would be lost without it! Its good to hear the upcoming plans for it, and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. -Zinn THIS! Thanks again Gello for your awsome work, Pet Battel is the only thing I currently do in WoW exapt rading so this addo...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures05-15-14
The SilverDragon skin has started g...
Posted By: Tonyleila
The SilverDragon skin has started glitching out like this :C The problem with this is that NPCscan us using the same texture. With NPCscan it looks like this: So if you want to use SilverDragon just remove the texture for NPCscan. You can find it inside: World of Warcraft\Interface\ACHIEVEMENTFR...
File: ChanceToWin05-02-14
privat server
Posted By: Tonyleila
Have never seen an addon only tested on a privat server lol. But I can tell from the version number 30300 that its not working on the regular server. I don't even know if its allowed to upload this here ;)
File: Towelliee's UI Toon setup tool04-24-14
Posted By: Tonyleila
Why woud you need an exe file for UI setup?? There are addons to load and save profils: Reflux and nibProfileLoader With this you can easy load addon profils with one klick. Just share your saved variables. No need to rename for every char. You may look how its done with my interface.
File: DisplacedEnergyWatcher04-21-14
There are maybe other words for "fa...
Posted By: Tonyleila
There are maybe other words for "fanatic" or "a person obsessed into rouls" than Nazi but my english is not very good. First of all I woud add Malkorok name into the addon titel since his name is in every language the same but the debuff is not. If someone have problems with the boss woud he search for a specific debuff or for the b...
File: DisplacedEnergyWatcher04-19-14
I understand how the word Nazi is m...
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I understand how the word Nazi is meant by you but as a German I don't understand how anyone comes on the idea to use it in this way, there are so many better words. Its creepy how words get abused so easy. Have you every thought about what a Jew woud think while downloading and using this addon? And what happens now if you google...
File: Juwe: Gem Stats instead of Names04-14-14
can anyone confirm if this is still...
Posted By: Tonyleila
can anyone confirm if this is still working in 5.4.7 its in my addon list but no button in game or no change in jc window It still works fine for me. Note it dosen't work for epic gems. Mabye its your language? What client do you play on?
File: BagSync04-14-14
Is there anyway to change the font?...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Is there anyway to change the font? I can't seem to find it in the config. No but you can replace the wow fonts in the font folder.
File: LeilaUI - 16:904-12-14
1. I've noticed that when I join a...
Posted By: Tonyleila
1. I've noticed that when I join a raid with a party (4 manning DS seen here) then the SUF raid frames completely disappear. I've looked through the SUF settings and can't seem to figure out why they're gone. Any ideas? 1. I'm aware of that problem and I hate it! There is currently no way to fix it without manual changing it eve...
File: Dominos04-10-14
AWESOME addon, just a question: is...
Posted By: Tonyleila
AWESOME addon, just a question: is there any way to get back blizz's range indicator?(the little white/red circle) Not as little circle but as red button:
File: RecountTweaker04-10-14
Yes this works fine now. Thanks in...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Yes this works fine now. Thanks in advance for taking the time to rewrite this! :banana:
File: RecountTweaker04-06-14
Well, that's embarrassing! :p I...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Well, that's embarrassing! :p I went through and checked the names again, and this time actually disabled addontweaker before testing, and it appears to be working correctly. So I uploaded a new version. The font is still in there, so you'll have to delete that again :p Sorry but it still dosen't work for me, its looking like o...