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File: ckaosMilitia12-05-14
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Great addon! Just a minor suggestion. What about having the followers names colored by rarity (purple, blue, green)?
File: RaidFrameReSizer03-24-14
Anyone know of something similar th...
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Anyone know of something similar that just changes Raid Frame padding to move each frame closer/further?
File: Power Auras Classic09-04-12
Timer Bar Demensions
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Has anyone found a way to change the Timer Bar Demensions? Not just scale; but height/width independantly.
File: pMinimap (Cataclysm)11-11-10
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Just curious, is there a way to access the Calendar? If not it would be cool to click on today's date for it. Calendar is in default ui for raid invites n' such. Great addon, I love that it's so light weight! Thanks!
File: BasicChatMods03-23-10
Originally posted by Sideshow edi...
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Originally posted by Sideshow edit: solution here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?p=181364 Hello I used prat and chatter, but finally found the best: Basic Chat Mods :) For me it is the best because it uses almost no memory and CPU. The only thing I miss, is an thin outline ... because the chat is hard...