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File: Power Auras Classic12-03-11
I am trying to track "Action Usable...
Posted By: Booga71
I am trying to track "Action Usable" for Metamorphosis, it doesn't show up, is this broken? Version:4.23; buffname:Metamorphosis; x:-400; bufftype:7; owntex:true; stance:2; combat:true; size:0.5; y:-160; inverse:true Basically I am trying to do the same as I do with hand of Gul'dan, and that works fine: Version:4.23; icon:I...
File: RealUI03-06-11
Nice UI, works well
Posted By: Booga71
Installed RealUI earlier this week, and went into some testing during raids. Overall I really like it, but there are 2 suggestions which would overall round it up from a raiding perspective (meaning addons I needed to add, because I couldn't find options): RSA - Or something similar to announce certain spells/actions to the raid o...