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File: DecUI10-22-12
castbar size etc
Posted By: Dizino
I would like to change the size of the cast bar.. i have gone over the options many times and cant find it. Im sure it must be there somewhere i just dont know where. I can move the cast bar no problem, but i wish to resize it. I dont mind adding another addon to allow me to do this, but want to make sure the functionality is not...
File: DecUI10-01-12
hey, i love your ui, and hope that...
Posted By: Dizino
hey, i love your ui, and hope that you manage to stay on top of it for as long as possible.. I am having a rather frustrating issue and havnt seen any post about it. (although i may have just missed it) When i want to change glyphs or talents i am getting an error which requires a reloadui every time. the error is ' A taint...