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File: MapsterEnhanced11-02-12
I've noticed that the Waypoint Arro...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
I've noticed that the Waypoint Arrow text settings do not keep the font setting I select across sessions. I have to reset the font then reload for it to work.
File: Pawn10-03-12
Re: Shaman Stats...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
I'm leveling a elemental shaman in MoP, and i notice any gear that has spirit on it, it say its and upgrade because for some strange reason its telling me Spirit provides a bonus to spell hit, which it doesn't... Can you update that please as spirit only gives a bonus to regen mana in combat.. Suggest you do some reading: Here.
File: Goose04-06-10
Alestane I have three chat tabs...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
Alestane I have three chat tabs at the moment and unfortunately no combination I enter seems to make Goose work correctly. As soon as I enter ChatFrame1 or DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME and the hide; show things go amiss. If I switch chat tabs ChatFrame1 is still visible. To clarify all 3 tabs are docked to ChatFrame1. All 3 tabs and fra...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker03-01-10
Getting RightClick to work...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
To use a right click to buy rather than a left click do the following: 1. Open up GnomishVendorShrinker.lua for editing. 2. @line 22 change the following: local function OnClick(self, button) to: local function OnClick(self, RightButton, down) 3. @line 179 add the following: row:RegisterForClicks("RightButtonDown") 4. S...
File: _UTF02-26-10
Thank you for the explanation Saike...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
Thank you for the explanation Saiket :).
File: Aptechka02-26-10
Is there a way to get buffs to show...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
Is there a way to get buffs to show one color if its yours and another color if its from someone else? I've tried the IsMine = true but it isn't working the way I'd like it to. IsMine will show it or not. I'd like to show one color for mine and another for someone else whose buffed that spell.
File: _UTF02-26-10
Not working when...
Posted By: Gryzvwald
UTF does not seem to work with Tekkub's "Tekticles" addon. I know that its most likely that the fonts he uses doesn't support the characters. Just wanted to let you know. Disabling the tekticles addon lets UTF do its thang just fine :).
File: Stuffing02-25-10
Bank Bags Viewable Anytime?
Posted By: Gryzvwald
Will being able to view your bank bags anytime be added at some point?